Ariana Grande gets Kanji tattoo she thought meant "seven rings" but actually means "small charcoal grill"


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It says that she’s hot?


The good news is that a palm tattoo isn’t going to last very long.


Language is malleable. It means whatever she wants it to mean.


In two years she can make up a new thing they used to be when you could read them.



The easy solution here is to stop getting tattoos in languages that you do not speak. Because that almost always ends badly.

Mandatory link (despite the description, IIRC the blog sometimes deals with bad Japanese and Korean tattoos as well as Chinese ones):


She dodged going through with a marriage to make other people happy.

I think she’s still ahead, net.


Inked shopping list to a new level.


But tropes last forever.

Sign us up, Hallmark.


It’s a very redneck tattoo, actually.


Would “seven rings” have been better?


Coca-Cola: The name Coca-Cola rendered phonetically in Chinese can sound like the words for "bite the wax tadpole" (simplified Chinese: 蝌蚪啃蜡; traditional Chinese: 蝌蚪啃蠟; pinyin: Kēdǒu kěn là) or "female horse stuffed with wax" (骒马口蠟).


“small charcoal grill”

She should name her next album that.


She’s a huge Gimli fan?


It’s the title of her latest single so, yeah, it would probably have been better.


this is 100% true forever regardless of any actual facts


there’s accurate and there’s Truth with a capital T.


Nothing wrong with grilling…


It is true! There was a great article on how coca cola chose the “correct” rendering of coca-cola, but before they did people would write things that worked phonetically, and some of those translated to weird phrases. Coke’s “official” rendering translates to something like “makes my mouth happy” while still sounding like “coca cola”

Here it is: