Ariana Grande's amended tattoo now reads "BBQ finger"


it’s a sex thing, you wouldn’t understand.

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That is some serious failure to follow directions.


So much winning…

I can’t get enough.


That tat just screams ‘regret’ when he’s 80 years old and looking in the mirror in the morning.


Oh man, be glad you don’t have my brain.

I read what you wrote and I couldn’t stop myself from trying to picture the expression on the other persons’s face if they were to ever find themselves in a threesome together. It doesn’t matter what letter combo is involved, at some point they would likely end up looking at each other with the third person between them. I also just wondered if his actual nipples were turned into headlights for the UFO. I’m somewhat damaged.

Lastly, if he makes it to 80, I doubt he will regret it. That kind of ink isn’t done on a whim.


I’m wondering who the fuck is doing these tattoos. From what I understand reputable artists won’t do work with local analgesics because the pain/discomfort is an important bit of feedback. If it hurts more than it should, in some other way, or some other place. You could be doing damage or deeply fuck up the tattoo.

Apparently reputable artists also won’t do palm tattoos because they fade so fast they end up looking like shit and can’t be fixed.

Though I do think this is a better tattoo than she was initially looking for.

Honestly I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. Given how often that thought process leads to terrible indefensible tattoos. And how often the over complicated, nonsensical, unasked for spiels I get about a tattoo’s deep meaning seem to be after the fact justifications.

The people I know who are really into tattoos, and have genuinely good ones. Tend to look at them through the lense of design, fashion, and art.

So the answer to “what does that tattoo mean” is usually that they just like it, and it has value in it’s own right. Rather than “Well it’s a pig, because my dad likes pork chops and he sneezed once when I was a kid. And that really affected me. It’s wearing a thong because I’m a sexy bitch. And it’s on my Adams apple because chakras”.


And that’s another thing that has stalled me in getting a tattoo. Beyond the idea of getting one that means something, as a designer, I would like my first tattoo to be something I designed. As a self-hating, picky, perfectionist, weirdo, there’s nothing that I’ve created that I look back at a few years later and still like.

So the thought of growing to hate my own art on my only body and not being able to get rid of it has me frozen on this topic. But my wife got her first tattoo ever last weekend (not my design), and now I’m feeling like I need to figure something out soon.


Here come miss Grande
She got kanji tattoo
She got BBQ finger
She got tonal vocals
She say “Give me seven rings here please”
Tattooist is a joker
He just do what he please

Come together, right now
Over me


I got my tat because I met the artist, loved their work and really appreciated who they were as people. At least for me it’s more about carrying around beautiful artwork. I can’t defend kanji, or simple word tattoos or any mediocre art for that matter with this philosophy, but generally I’d say if it’s amazing art, done by a great artist go for it, enjoy it and share it. I mean if Dali was a tatoo artist I for sure would have one of his tats.


Maybe he was referred to her by the doctor.


Just take your time and meet an artist you know is talented and generally very good. Then talk it over. Tattoos don’t have to cost allot of money, but be ready for sticker shock. If you like your artist too to bottom don’t waste time wondering is it’s” too expensive”, but do your research. Allot of artists price high because they think that’s what the market will bear and because it gives them perceived value. You just have to make the call, are they “good enough” for you. It’s ok to be a bit of a snob. You have to live with it.

Since you want your own art make sure they are comfortable with your design and then see if they can add something interesting to it. A good artist will absolutely be able to take a good design and create amazing body art. So at some point you will HAVE to find an artist you can surrender yourself to. You have to feel like they are multitudes better of an artist than yourself.

In my case I had a design also, but after talking to the artists I came to trust them because we both speaking “artist”. As a “pen and paper” or “digitial artist” or even as a painter should feel comfortable relying on the tattoo artists understanding and expertise of “art on body”. My artists and I spend allot of time discussing placement as it pertains to overall shape, the movement of the tatoo when you move and even distorting the design so that when it meets the form of your body it actually renders as you expect in a 2D sketch.

Often times when I see sketches for my tats I’ve had to accept that it looks funny on paper, but I trust that my artists know what they are doing when it’s applied to the body. And all of this says nothing of what they can do once they start shading. A good artist will bring sooo much to the design once shading happens that again you have to trust them because it just can’t be rendered on paper the same way.

Take your time, ask friends and strangers who have tats that you like and meet the artists, accept no prima donna BS (I turned down allot of guys in NYC pretending like they didn’t have the time of day for a $1k tattoo) and find someone you genuinely click with. Having a great back and forth, give and take relationship will definitely lead to good results. Getting a tattoo from a book or of something you found on the web by an artist you barely know and who has nothing invested in the design, will definitely lead to a bad result.


I’m pretty sure when I’m 80 and looking at the mirror, I’m going to be depressed at what I see no matter what.

In fact, I feel that way now.


I’m just a westerner on the internet with a smattering of Japanese, and I don’t have a cool Japanese-looking twitter handle, but 七 is ‘seven’ and 輪 is ‘ring’, and if I put them together and push them through Google translate I get ‘beaded ring’.

But if I stick 七輪 in GIS, I get lots of pictures of charcoal grills, like this:

If I run 七輪指 through Google translate, I get ‘fiery finger’. But if I put it through GIS, I get lots of chakra diagrams:

and the occasional pair of ear-rings, neither of which seems related.

Anyway, moral of the story, when tattooing or publishing, go do your research before committing a dubious translation to permanency.

Edit: Damn, ninja’d by Boingboing itself. Jeez, guys, when are you going to sort out that duplicated news item thing?


“Measure twice, cut once.”


Ninja’d by the article you were commenting on.

But that’s a very good example of how these things happen. What little I know about Japanese, you really can’t translate it that way. Because what an individual symbol means is altered by the characters its connected to.

So yeah that one symbol means 7, and that other one means ring. But the two symbols together are read “Shichirin” the name of a small grill called a Shichirin. That is otherwise known as a Konro, and often erroneously called a hibachi by Americans. And are literally the symbols used to write that word, and refer to that grill.

Transliterating individual symbols is not reading the language itself, and isn’t a suitable way to construct words, phrases or sentences in most Asian languages/alphabets. Tattoo artists attempt to do it anyway. And people end up with “hot fish explosion” tattoo’d just above their ass.

But like I said I think this is a better Tattoo for its mistake. Yakitori is awesome, and I’ll probably be buying one of these grills. So suites me fine.


I’ll just wait for Banksy to find me.


should’ve released the 輪 with 味, that shit’s delicious.

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Having Banksy art on you is all shits 'n giggles, right up until you end up in a shredder.

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