Ongoing supply chain crisis causes massive chicken tender shortage

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I’m calling bullshit on this claim. Recently I picked up two decent sized bags of Perdue dinosaur nuggets at Walmart for a dollar each (I mean chicken nuggets never go for that cheap even before the pandemic). They almost never sell them for that cheap unless they have have an overstock.

Although my local KFC was out of stuff to make pot pies but they had a ton of chicken to sell yesterday.


Joe Biden can’t even secure chicken tenders

Calm down Bill. Even the most totalitarian leaders never micromanaged food distribution to that level, so why do you think a mild liberal would? Is this another “Late capitalism is communism” thing?


Even Mao effed up by asking the farmers to kill those sparrows, Khrushchev tried to get Russia to grow corn and pretty much everything North Korea tries hahah

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It might be profit-taking by the chicken chains, or it could be political


He’ll just release some from our strategic chicken tender reserve.


Hmmm. I’ve had no trouble buying them recently. Wonder if this is pure bullshit.


why GIF

We’ve weathered a plague, the return of nazism, but this? This is taking things too far.

In all seriousness, it wouldn’t surprise me if the popularity of the air fryer hasn’t had a small part in this shortage. I never really bought frozen chicken stuff much, the oven was too dry, deep frying was too messy and frankly, well, it was deep frying. Since I got an air fryer, I am stocking stuff like this a lot more.


Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?

Why, Joe?

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Those are chicken nuggets. The article differentiates that tenders are more labor intensive to process and package, hence the very specific shortage.

I don’t either, but it sounds like it’s specific to that cut, not fresh or frozen.

Kept in the vault at Ft. Redding. Ft. Otis Redding.

@thomdunn - thank you for capturing the true horror of this situation in your prose. :joy:


Different sized chicken pieces require different sized chickens, which means a boom in demand (like football season) requires a boom in small chickens (for chicken wings). They were in short supply because COVID shut down a lot of plants and work shifts back when they were chicks. Now, because they killed as many small chickens as they could to solve their immediate wings problem, there aren’t enough mid-sized chickens for tenders. Come January, expect there to be a shortage of large chickens needed for breasts and fried chicken.

Apparently, God must have fallen down on the job of turning water into chickens.


Even if it is, the stores are taking advantage of it. Two nights ago the two chicken tenders I bought at the Royal Farms on the corner totaled about $7.00. Normally they’d be just under $5.00.


Why didn’t Bill hold 45 responsible for the wing shortage that started on his watch, huh?! Hypocritical and committing himself to the cause of the inferior fried chicken part.


Yeah I’ve noticed a huge increase in the price of pre-fab foods. I guess it’s not surprising, they have more complex supply relationships. I just think it’s weird that people aren’t just like “wow… freaking amazing there’s still food here where I live” considering there’s a major global health crisis happening, like, right now…


parents who are reeling from the devastating impact of having to feed their children literally anything other than chicken tenders.

That’s an exaggeration. American parents can still fall back on pizza bites and Kraft Mac and Cheese. If those two items also get scarce, though, it will be a genuine crisis.


Seems to be…


One cannot survive on pizza bites alone! They might need to dip them in hummus to get the necessary protein…


Joe Biden can do a whole lot more when the GQP remembers that it’s supposed to be a bi partisan government. Grow up you fucking whiners and run a government for us the people who elected your obstructionist asses.


It takes a giant chicken to make massive tenders.


I was at Grocery Warehouse yesterday, about 1/2 a mile from our southern border, and they had bags upon bags of chicken tenders. Take that, Huizenga…the Mexicans are coming for your chicken tenders.