Trudeau Assassination Attempt


Maybe our Canadian can help me out here…

So Rideau Hall is the official residence of the Queen (when she’s there) and Governor General? So how often would Trudeau be there doing official business? I assume he has regular meetings with the Governor General the same way that the PM in GB has with the Queen?


Ah. The thing is, the official residence of the Canadian Prime Minister is normally 24 Sussex Drive. Except that it badly needs either a makeover or a complete demolition. Either one is a minefield for the PM of the day, so nothing has been done for a long time, making the problem worse. (Not to mention Stephen Harper and his cats.) The Trudeau family have been staying at Rideau Cottage since he was elected.


This officially blurs those borderlines.

Someone get all butt hurt about JT dissing tRump’s little hoo-ha deal at the White House with Mexican prez AMLO?

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