Trump accusers speak out against president's sexual assault

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This is just one of the reasons why Democratic party leadership made the right call pushing Franken out (beyond the obvious moral obligation to do so). The GOP can’t counter with “both sides do it!” anymore. Those who already went all in for Trump may not be swayed but anyone on the fence can clearly see how the parties differ on sexual assault.




Very much agreed. Losing Franken is tough, he’s a strong, powerful voice and one of the few senators unafraid to call people on their BS. But he left as a respected politician who’d made some unacceptable personal mistakes that made him unfit for the role. Stepping down sets a precedent for someone in a much higher office who’s made far greater mistakes and who’s widely loathed to do the same… or at least be called on it openly.



While I already posted about this in the other thread, this needs to be reposted here.

Trump’s response today to this:

We now live in a world where the fucking president* attacks someone accusing him of harassment by insinuating that this “used” and weak woman offered sexual favors while begging for campaign contributions?

What the fuck kind of backwards ass world are we living in where this is even remotely acceptable?



Gillibrand’s response:

You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness and shame you have brought to the Oval Office.


Classy AF.

I also can’t help but wonder if this isn’t some carefully calculated political maneuvering to goad Trump himself into shining a spotlight back on these allegations.


It might be, as Trump alleges, that all these women accusing him of sexual misbehavior are ‘fake news’, a plot by his enemies to blacken his reputation. But even if every single one of them were lying, I would still be absolutely certain that he has a track record of harassment and abuse.

Why? We have the Access Hollywood tape to reveal how he thinks. But more than that, everything he says and does shows him to be someone who (a) believes he is entitled to anything he wants, (b) has very few scruples, (c ) holds women in contempt as people but places great importance on their physical appearance and sexual desirability, and (d) derives great pleasure from dominating and hurting other people.

With respect to point (d), remember that his trademark phrase is “You’re fired!” – his brand as an entertainer is associated with the public destruction and negation of another person. It’s purely sadistic, and all about displaying his own power over others.

For someone who fits the model of the abuser so perfectly to turn out not to be an abuser would be the most extraordinary thing in the history of the human species.



I don’t actively use Twitter and made the mistake of looking at the responses to her tweet. What a fucking cesspit.

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