Trump and FDA to hype convalescent plasma treatment for COVID-19

Plasmapheresys works to get antibodies to use in A&E treatment of viral diseases, like rabies, thetanus and of course COVID. Is used I Italy. Problem is that the scarce quantity of human plalsma, because basically you have to find people that had COVID diseases are now in good health, are elegible to be blood donors and have anh high level of antibodies.
Then the quantity of plasma that could be used is limited, and one man could typically donate six doses a month and a woman three. The solution is to use monoclonal antibodies, that could be mass produced. There are now some clinical trials that are testing if the current produced monoclonal antibodies are effective

According to two sources in the Monday meeting, Peter Navarro had aggressively confronted FDA officials, saying, “You are all Deep State and you need to get on Trump Time.”


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“You are all Deep State and you need to get on Trump Time.”

This is basically just saying “you are disloyal to Trump.” That’s what “Deep State” means, if you are doing your job as the job guidelines actually dictate, and that means hampering improper/illegal Trump demands, then you are “Deep State.”


The so-called Deep State is nothing more nor less than the adults in the room.


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