Trump announces ban on transgender military service


I eagerly anticipate a day when all sentient beings will be banned from military service.



Kinda sounds like he’s saying the much vaunted sacred bond between brothers-and-sisters-in-arms is actually less resilient than the bond between two people who happen to use the same Xerox machine.



Probably right. I cannot imagine where that came from. On the other hand, a tweet is not an enforceable policy. Or at least I hope that is not the case.



The White House has previously declared that all Trump tweets are ‘official statements of policy’, but we’re in weird uncharted waters here. The Joint Chiefs have stated that there is no change in policy as of yet.



And/or perhaps he and his brethren need to be certain of a fellow soldier prior to planning out the inevitable sexual molestation.

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You know, it’s taken six months, but I finally, fully get it. What it’s like to be living under this deplorable regime ‘led’ by a demented fuckwit who’s constantly punching down those he sees as expendable.

I know this is totally not about me - cis Australian - and maybe it’s because it’s my first day off in 22 days, but I hit a wall and had to take time out today. God, I’m so tired. Exhausted, really. This foul monster is in charge of America and can’t even leave people who’ve been tormented to the brink of suicide because of being in the wrong body, yet still choose to serve their country, alone? Truly, what the fuck is wrong with him, and the minority of Americans who voted for him? Why so threatened, by apparently just about everything? I can’t fully comprehend what it must be to live life so scared and angry and fucked-up every second of every day. But I can properly comprehend the insult, degrading, dehumanisation, offence to transgender people… some of the strongest, most righteous and truly noble people around.

Just fuck off and die Trump. The world would be a much better place for your absence.


#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

As a sidenote, the Department of Justice stated yesterday in federal court that sexual orientation is not covered by the civil rights act, and that they are not protected from discrimination.



That’s not smart; just open the entire US military up to potential lawsuits, why dontcha?

I mean, the members of the military are still bound by the US Constitution, right?



Some people. I’m sure there are some quarters where this was hailed as a wonderful move.



I can’t help but think this is how 45 sees trans people in the military:

(… and taken in context, even though Klinger’s cross-dressing was played for laughs he was trying to get a discharge on Section 8 grounds. It had zero to do with gender issues.)



I think an argument could be made that the hostile environment trans people live in and the omnipotent threat of violence they face every day of their lives, combined with the emotionally demanding and introspective process of discovering themselves and transitioning, actually hardens them and make them more qualified for stressful and physically demanding jobs than cis people.



This cannot be repeated often enough whenever this ‘discussion’ comes up.



It’s best not to generalize.

I typed much more but I’m a well off white CIS guy with next to no personal experience in this subject. I will extrapolate from other subjects to just say I would guess there is as much diversity in trans people as there is in any other sub group of humans. Some would excel in the military while other’s (like me) would not do very well.

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I was just bringing in my own flavor of generalities and intuitions as a trans woman with many trans friends, a surprisingly number of whom in or aspiring to be in the military, who could kick any of my other friends asses. I was being spiteful, and it felt good.



Thought this was apropos:



Oh cool. yes. Please talk more about this. The more you can share the better for folks like me with a big heart but limited first hand knowledge.



Something that the US military have missed is that not all trans people want to take hormones. Even if the argument that transwomen on hormones are not physically capable of meeting their standards is valid (which I disagree with), why are the people not taking hormones being kicked out?

I think I’m going to drop out of this thread now. It’s not good for my sanity.



Here’s your (oddly progressive) DOD guidance:



I just culled a huge swath of this post. Victim blaming Trans individuals as being unable to serve is not appropriate. They were already serving, so they had already met the requirements.

Perhaps the situation would be different if military commanders, instead of politicians, had requested this change, but afaik this was not the case, aside from some retroactive justification now taking place.




Well to pick a nit, in the US, the POTUS is the Commander in Chief of the military.