RNC backs Trump's military transgender ban: A 'disqualifying psychological and physical' condition


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/02/rnc-trump-trans-ban.html


“Sound personnel policies”


“Arbitrary bigotry and hatred of the other.”

Fuck trump, fuck the GOP.


Because of course they did.

Wait… this could only be a physical condition if one accepts that a trans person is not the same gender as their body. Republicans really don’t think through the implications of their hatred, do they?


Funny how it’s always politicians, religious groups, politico TV talking heads, your homophobic uncle/aunt that always seem to be the ones who want to “ban people” from military service.

yet when you talk to retired soldiers like myself, or ya know…THE GOD DAMN PENTAGON…we seem to always say the same thing: I will serve with anyone who is willing to put on the uniform and take the same oath I did…gender, politics, sexual preference, etc doesn’t matter.


Let’s face it; in order to be a “GOP style conservative” today you have to be immune to logic. It also helps to be bigoted, self-centered, and totally in denial of proven facts.


That sounds like a profound psychological condition if you ask me.


Trump’s He-Man controller in Moscow approves.


I would hazard to say the feeling is mutual.


Support our troops!
Except the gay ones.
And the transgender ones.
And the Muslim ones.
And the Dreamer ones (they can serve for now, but if they survive their tour of duty we deport them after)
And frankly we’re still not entirely sold on Truman’s desegregation order of 1948.


See, now I would have said that about voting for Trump. :thinking:


The list of transphobic policies continues.
Don’t think I’ll be coming to visit the US anytime soon. :confused:


Don’t forget women in the military.


If only we could get them to disqualify everybody, that might help with our multiple unfunded expensive ongoing wars problem.


They can serve as long as they stay in their place and keep the hot coffee coming.




Cadet Bone Spurs making America great again.


Yeah, no kidding, I’m just now coming out as trans and I’m terrified of this administration and all these assholes. At least I live in a state with protections.


Oh, heavens yes, RNC. Get them all out. We don’t want to look bad for Putin, do we?


I think I will make Baldrick’s special blend for them.


Reminds me of the Emergency Backup milk