Trump confused (again!) in today's new tweet about Obama and Guantanamo


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Trump confused lying (again!) in today’s new tweet about Obama and Guantanamo

Fixed those for you.



According to the taxonomy of Drumpf’s tweets, which category does this fit in?

  • Stupid
  • Stupider
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  • Stupiderest

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(tip-o-the-hat to @michaeljtobias )

actually, I think it’s probably Diversion.


Having been told what to believe trumps dullards now have yet another truth about the awful Obama. Deep down inside that vile hated-infected mind of his trump knows that Obama is far more intelligent than he is. He hates anyone who is bright so he smears them with the filth that oozes out of his ugly head. He’s tiny, he knows he’s tiny, but he was born rich and has used that wealth as if it were his own strength. Tiny tiny little man baby.


I do wonder at what point we can all just admit that the president is aggressively trying to gaslight the nation while he pushes through a healthcare horror show and indulges Russian plutocrats. It’s not even subtle. Yet here this article is, and Russia and the ACA have all but disappeared from the front page, just as he wants.


And what percentage of them were vicious?


The saddest part is that this statement was still more fact-based than most of Trump’s tweets. It’s completely dishonest and inaccurate and unfair and manipulative to be sure, but at least he didn’t completely fabricate the “122 detainees” part like he did with the “3 million illegal voters” claim.


I can sense that you’re holding back.



As a matter of fact, those 113 bad detainees released under Bush were the very ones that the Obama administration would not have wanted released.

He had been opposing it every step of the way when he was still a senator.


You lock me in Guantanamo for a few months and I’d probably want to “re-engage” too. Hell if I previously never had a terrorist thought in my life, gitmo would probably make me want to kill.


Curious if Chaffetz will now order up an investigation of Obama’s emails to try and find out if he’d ever used the word “wiretap” (def. not “wiretapp”) because Dog forbid he actually investigate the things needing to be investigated.


Trump does not have the skill set for this job.

Trump lacks the self-awareness and powers of introspection to comprehend that he lacks the skill set, so he can’t even surround himself with smart, talented people who could do the job in his name.

Trump does not have the temperament for the job.

Trump’s constant and desperate need for reassurance and praise has led him to surround himself with yes men and sycophants who insulate him from facts and feed his paranoia and narcissism.

Trump lacks the inclination even to do the job.

Trump is all about the getting, not about the doing or even the having. Now that he’s President, he’s like the car-chasing dog that finally caught the car and now has no fucking idea what to do with it.

In twenty years we’ll (I hope) be reading about the lessons we learned and the changes we made when we found out that our electoral process absolutely can put in office someone who is so manifestly unsuited to the duties thereof that they experience a very public mental breakdown inside of the first two-months.

I hope we can read about the lessons learned, because the other possibility is civil war.


I think you’re giving him too much credit. There is no plan here, no ulterior motive. He is simply an unhinged narcissist in way over his head. His antics are actually inhibiting the repubilcans from enacting their agenda, not providing them cover. They’ve had complete control of the federal government for almost two months now and haven’t gotten anywhere, because they instead have to spend all their time reacting to the latest nonsense from President DiarrheaTweets.


I’ve already been there for a while.


No need to wait 20 years. We already know right now that Bush should never have released those detainees from Guantanamo.




incompetent shithead is incompetent


Should never have had them at Gitmo in the first place. Either one has sufficient evidence to lay criminal charges, or one doesn’t lock up people at all. The problem, of course, was that so much of the evidence was inadmissible - indefinite detention was (is) just doubling down on (very, very) stupid war crimes.