Trump cuts 2020 census early: deadline is October 15 (that's today!)

The last line finally makes sense with your additional documentation. It’s the universe.


I am taking care of a friends cat, while he is off being a census worker on the Navajo Nation reservation. Its a huge place, sprawling across 3 states, and is some 27,000 square miles. Thats bigger (by about 3 Rhode Islands) than west Virginia, and getting close to South Carolina. Much of it is only accessible via gravel tracks.

Since the area is pretty reliably democratic, they were left for last. He arrived with 10 days till the first planned the end of September. His schedule has changed 3 times, first to the 5th of October, then to the end of the month, now he will be back tomorrow.

Anyhow, when the team landed, they had 19% self reporting. as of last night, the enumeration team got it up to 92%


The Herman Cain Medal Recognizing notable people who impede public health efforts, and aid the spread of contagious diseases. Dishonor a public figure, nominations are encouraged.


What did he do to Breyer and Kagan?

Is that the result of a deliberate attempt at making this hard to understand? I‘m pretty sure they could have put this much simpler.

They’re providing a service for the public, so what they write needs to be simple and clear.


My guess is yes. Yesterday I looked through a bit of the Census documents and there were several cases of changing terms/definitions from 2010 to make things less clear. I took it as intentionally muddying things so it is harder to evaluate how complete the census is.

One example, in 2010 field agents were explicitly instructed to try to contact people that didn’t respond 6 times before the case was considered unresolved. The 2020 replacement of that rule was changed to “Use an adaptive design contact strategy with a goal of reducing the number of contact attempts on each household.” Whatever the fuck that means

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We recently had a major reform to the public pension system here in Germany, with the aim to make everything more clear and transparent to the people. It was expensive, but totally worth it. Result of big gubmint, tho.


I wonder if this is something that the Biden Administration can go back and ameliorate.

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