Trump doxes people who wrote with concerns about leaks of their sensitive personal data

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Fault them for anything else, but at least they are consistent as hell in their malice.


Spectacular incompetence, or Calculated intimidation? I can’t decide.


The White House’s response to the very reasonable anger over many thousands of people being doxed was quite literally “well, the fine print says we can share your personal info if you post here, so it’s your own fault”. Guys, you shared the personal information of people who wrote in to complain about you wanting to share their personal information. This is deliberate.


The malice of a particulary thin-skinned spoiled brat that emotionally is still a five year old.


Yeah…who didn’t see that coming?


That’s an insult to five-year-olds. AFAICT his emotional and impulse control is more like the Terrible Twos, three at most.


People calling Dumpster immature…you’re right.
But he probably doesn’t even know about this yet. When he does he won’t understand why anyone would care.
This here is part of the venal org. that he has put in place who’s only competency is being assholes.


Exactly this. Trump’s never used email and his web use is supposedly confined to Twitter. He’s an obscenely rich sheltered old man. Concepts like internet privacy, net neutrality, doxing, and releasing information online are light years beyond his ability to comprehend; the man likely doesn’t know the basics of using a web browser.


Both of them at the same time.


He was born that way especially the old part with old referring to something past it’s time of usefulness as opposed to old as in something that has matured. He’s more manured than matured.


“You wanted transparency?!? HERE’S YOUR TRANSPARENCY.”


Releasing the emails without edits was incompetence. Probably a result of Trump failing to hire a full staff and checking for shit like that wasn’t anyone’s job.

But their attempt to excuse it by lawyering the fine print is opportunistic intimidation. They should have acknowledged people’s concerns, apologized and immediately fixed it because they work for us.

On the other hand, this is a reminder that even if they had not released it publicly they probably have dumped it into Cambridge Analytica and sent it off to who knows where else.


Contrary to the hysteria the Trump administration did not demand confidential information. The request was specifically for public information You can see a copy of the request in this article nor did many states refuse to comply. They responded with a description of what information was publicly available and the proper procedure under state law to obtain such information. I’m sure the Trump campaign committee, as well as many other such campaign committees, already had such information albeit somewhat out of date. If anyone was going to use this information for “voter suppression” they would collect it quietly–not announce it to the nation.

You assume a basic level of competence in being unethical that I and many others have yet to observe from 45’s admin.


This quote can be reused for 90% of what the current administration has done and will do.


You don’t have to.


Malice tempered by incompetence.

Cold comfort, but I’ll take what I can get.


Having over one quarter of states refuse sounds like “many.”


I honestly can’t tell if these jokers realize they’re undermining the secret ballot system that allows people to vote their conscience free of coercion and intimidation, or if Trump’s narcissistic megalomania is simply so blinding to him and his cronies that he can’t see that he’s threatening the foundation of our free democracy. But it doesn’t really matter. A free republic is just as dead whether it’s killed by a monster or an idiot.

This is far and away the worst thing Trump has done in his 71 years on this Earth. A republic without secret ballots isn’t a democracy, it’s a mobocracy.

I pray you’re just a troll and not actually that stupid. There’s a reason you vote behind a curtain and can’t be forced to tell others how you voted. If you want to live in a goddamn populist dictatorship, then please move your servile ass to Venezuela or some other banana republic. Some of us actually give a flying fuck about this precious country for which generations have given their blood and sweat!