Trump elected president

Got it, I’ll shut my trap and continue to let people remind me what a smug, elitist asshole I am.


To misquote the late, great Bill Hicks:

“I’m sick of the polls man, they aren’t funny, quit it! Clinton ahead, clinton ahead, looks like it’s Clinton ahead… F*** YOU! WRONG! DEATH TO YOUR DREAMS AND HOPES!”


Not at all. Your comments are valuable, being one of BoingBoing’s elites and all (while also being neither smug nor an arsehole).


You can still do that. As long as you’re totally hot.


It doesn’t actually matter what I am.

Well, I’m not. I’m a smug elitist asshole who is more responsible for this election than the racists and sexists and the people who think sexism and racism don’t matter.


Fuck off.


Ah, the Racial Laws, the old chestnut. They were introduced on Hitler’s behalf, and not part of the core ideology of fascism. Italian Jews were not discriminated until 1938, a good 15 years into direct fascist rule. Were fascists fundamentally racist? Absolutely - their colonial behaviour is pretty clear, and they did send Jews to camps and then to Germany. But they didn’t get into power to enact a racist society, it’s not what fuelled them, not in the intensity that fuelled Nazis, KKK or the SouthAfrican regime.

Exactly. Silvio wasn’t that different.

The few things Trump promised which are possible, are small enough in number to be manageable for organized effort against it.

Even Trump couldn’t maintain his own positions. He worded everything to allow room for flipflopping when reality hits them.


Still, it smells of activists/journalists trying to delay this travesty of an election yet again

O du lieber Augustin, Augustin, Augustin,
O du lieber Augustin, alles ist hin.
Geld ist weg, Mensch ist weg,
Alles hin, Augustin.
O du lieber Augustin,
Alles ist hin.
Rock ist weg, Stock ist weg,
Augustin liegt im Dreck,
O du lieber Augustin,
Alles ist hin.
Und selbst das reiche Wien,
Hin ist’s wie Augustin;
Weint mit mir im gleichen Sinn,
Alles ist hin!
Jeder Tag war ein Fest,
Und was jetzt? Pest, die Pest!
Nur ein groß’ Leichenfest,
Das ist der Rest.
Augustin, Augustin,
Leg’ nur ins Grab dich hin!
O du lieber Augustin,
Alles ist hin!

At least nobody can blame us for being overly cheerful. And yes, I had do memorize that in grade school.


Ugh, I guess no more visiting the poor Hall of Presidents at WDW.

Compared to whom? Romney? Objectively, Romney and Obama were both establishment, and Romney was the candidate who looked down on Midwesterners and the average person. Yeah, he went down, and for a good reason.

Hillary is the Romney of 2016, and she went down just like the Romney of 2012.


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Who gives a shit whether that’s what “fuelled” them or if that was just a side effect?

Then, as now, the result is the same.


The complaint here boils down to “don’t feed the troll” – in this case augmented by anger at our failure to support a candidate in the way you would have preferred, by blogging more frequently about him.

Trump didn’t win because we started attacking and mocking him, a la Mittens, when it became obvious he was dominating the primaries. He won because of income inequality, the sanctimonious disinterest of political elites, sexism, racism, and other broad structural things that have nothing to do with a blog read by few who might vote for him. That’s not to say there weren’t media sins worthy of attack–false balance, horse-race equivocations, smarminess, thirst–just that our naked bias and attention is not the same as those things, and a pointless scapegoat for them.

Your question is really about you. Interrogate the privilege it embodies and perhaps pay attention to the people who voted for Trump rather than your own anger at a blog.


Yes, and no. They were mostly imperialist - establish the master race, and as long as the nether races go along with it, it’s fine.

For goodness sake, no-one’s saying you’re that. They’re saying that you’re wrongly perceived as that by many in this country and then trying to provide explanations why they might come to such an erroneous conclusion. You’re obviously not inclined to discuss that today, and people seem cool with your choice.


I like this one too:

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I don’t even feel right trying to be funny right now. I take back my stupid joke, and apologize for making it. I think I just need to shut the fuck up and listen to latino/lgbtq/muslim/female people for the next week or two and do whatever I can to be supportive.[quote=“Mindysan33, post:530, topic:89005”]
the people who think sexism and racism don’t matter.

I can’t even right now with all the coming gloating over the ‘death of political correctness (aka civility)’ over the next few weeks.


Sorry if you feel like I’m being combative, I don’t mean to take it out on you.

But I just feel like no matter what I actually do in this world, it won’t matter, because I’m a category, not a person. I’m so tired of being told how I feel and how I experience the world are not valid. [ETA] My heart is broken because this country just voted in a demagogic asshole who reinforces the idea that I and people like me have caused the trouble that white, middle America has been dealing with.


You’re welcome, I guess. I wish neither of us could honestly say any of that.

This thing played out exactly as I expected, predicted, and feared, with the exception of the Libertarian presidential and vice-presidential candidates’ absurd and almost inexplicable failure to even minimally take advantage of the situation, and the self-destructive anti-Green mudslinging from the Democratic grassroots. Until Jill Stein fumbled the Brexit and Bill Weld endorsed Clinton, I was expecting a much higher third-party vote.

I disagree. That time is a few days from now, after the shock’s worn off but before the horror becomes banal. Give people some time to grieve; we aren’t the only ones who lost - we’re just the ones who’ve had more time to come to terms with that.

Stay positive. It isn’t over until the last politician is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.