Current American politics explained


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Well that’s not too oversimplified.

[note sarcasm]


Trump certainly wants you to believe he’s turning out the “don’t votes” of the world. In fact, that’s his whole case for electability in the general: Hillary’s (or Bernie’s) platoons of effete coastal elites will be swamped by an unprecedented wave of disaffected voters. He’s actually used Nixon’s phrase about the “silent majority,” in this case people so silent they never vote.

Since half the electorate doesn’t show up in most presidential years, it’s not statistically impossible. But neither is there any evidence that it’s actually happening.


I’m suspicious that the kerning on ‘Clinton’ was intentional.


I’d really like to see a libertarian candidate on that chart. I’m not sure where they would fit in but votes would be taken from all of the currently listed candidates.


Great news, X-ers! According to Rob, we’re still young people!!!11!!!1!1

(Or he completely forgot us. Same as it ever was.)


Huh, “ex-patriot”? Did Rob mean “expatriate”?

More to the point, I think this chart isn’t adding enough to the confusion. Then again, I’m a Discordian…


I suppose, if you’ve skedaddled to live with the Cousins, it’s possible to be both.


Rob’s just continuing the bOINGbOING tradition of advertising the worst candidates the most. There’ll be no Greens at all, and rarely any Libertarians.

Just lie back and think of England.


ah the slide explaining how ageing hipsters are pretending to be young.


Shouldn’t the color ramp go the other way?


And no LibTards at all!


As Rob’s tag on the article suggests, you are supposed to think about the colors. Red has a far longer association with socialism and Labour than it has with its association with the Republicans.


I was thinking more about the seething hatred part than the republican part.


That’s about right. What surprises me is that Trump appeals to two different class of voter.


Such a relief.

Here I’d been thinking that American presidential politics was weirdly complex and complicated, when it turns out that it can all be reduced to a simple one-dimensional axis of generational-ageist bullshit.

Good to know.




you misspelled boners in your otherwise brilliant opening sentence to your porn novel.




It’s bothering me that Sanders’ color is red and Trump’s is blue. The spectrum ought to go the other way!