Trump gives out more pardons and clemencies: Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Charles Kushner, and other longtime allies

the crooks are out




Hey now, here’s a bunch more people who can’t take the fifth anymore…


No war criminals this time?


OK, so Trump has just now pardoned Hitler and Stalin.
But I think he did it just to prove he’s not just doing it for big donors.

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I really wish I hadn’t stayed up and saw this.

Hate doesn’t even come close to what I’m feeling.

There isn’t a word strong enough to express it.

Bury this man in a volcano when he’s gone otherwise there’s going to be a swamp of piss permanently covering his grave- I’ll see to that personally.

What an obvious criminal piece of shit. This man is pure corrupt garbage, makes Nixon look like a saint.

Can we remove presidential pardon power after election dates already?


I haven’t read through the whole list yet - has he pardoned Barabbas?

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I long suspected that this was a big part of why prosecutors limited what those co conspirators were charged with: once the main perp is no longer in office they can no longer hide behind self-incrimination, and risk perjury if they lie about it. And the bigger stuff was not filed because you can’t pardon if you haven’t been accused, right?

Really, the main perp isn’t that smart.


I know Turmp cultists have already successfully dismissed 4+ years of this toasted pube saying “I am a criminal bad person”, and when asked about this in future they will say “he was just pardoning victims of the witch hunt”. But I am really curious to see them explain Kushner.

Are you guys new to this genre? The villlians have to escape, or go free, otherwise there’s no story for next week at the same bat time, on the same bat channel…


If the crimes happened before the pardon, they can’t be prosecuted.

I have come to the conclusion that he should be cremated and thrown in a pit toilet somewhere on Federal land. Somewhere that involves a nice, yet accessible, hike. Then we can get some exercise as well as legally and privately piss on his grave.

Hang a couple framed tweets and it can double as presidential library.


I seem to recall that also requiring admission that the crime was committed, so it would be an interesting legal challenge. And who would want to admit co committing espionage for a foreign government, say, if it wasn’t yet indicted?

EDIT: the Gerald Ford pardon of Nixon is often cited, but it was also never challenged. Legal experts are still arguing about it, since it seemed to be more of a deterrent than an actual pardon.

No matter how obviously corrupt this looks like to any reasonable person, you can bet hardcore Qanon Trumpniks are pumping their fists and going “Yeah! In your FACE Deep State!” And those ignorant assholes are like an anvil tied around the legs of our country.


Speaking of pardons, I just saw this headline in the news:

and thought “well of COURSE Trump would pardon these guys, they’re weirdo publicly-hunting, reality-TV-related scammers!” But I was then somewhat surprised to learn that the pardon came from the Colorado governor, not Trump.

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Laying bets on Snowden, Assange, Kyle Rittenhouse, and whatshisbutt, the ahole white kid who shot up the church…Dylan Roof. Trump will definitely let that monster out of the pen.

Who else?


If I gained the power to remote force choke people, I’d embrace it, but it’s not happening.

This is just a hive of pure villainy and scum pardoning more villainy and scum. And shitting on anything left of decency we had.

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That’s in the batch with Judas and Benedict Arnold.


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