Trump grounds Boeing's deathliner, in a tweet video


I don’t think Dennis Boeing will be making any more campaign payments contributions.


For a minute there I thought he actually did something Presidential. Turns out the crashes are really messing up his stock portfolio.

That million dollar contribution from Boeing wasn’t for the campaign. It was for the Inauguration.


That must be why is turned out to be the biggliest inauguration EVER!


I am a software engineer,with a background in aviation. I honestly hope this software change arrives no sooner than this time next year. If the current situation is bad, consider the consquences of a broken fix.

The current mess is an example of how development for aircraft is not like other domains with short release cycles. You can test for a year and it won’t be enough. The most reliable systems out there have been unchanged for ten years or more.

A rushed fix horrifies me, to be honest. Much more than the current situation.


Note: Quartz Media is funded in part by the Boeing Company.


What a pile of shit, putting corporations ahead of human beings, who were the real focus of the 14th amendment, a reconstruction amendment.

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