Trump has never met or called his only Ph.D. economist advisor

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now that’s a smart phone!
the cheeto, not so much…


Trump doesn’t need to call him. He already knows that Peter Navarro agrees with him!*


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Is it me or does the article read like Trump is doing a Ph.D. in economics and hasn’t spoken to his advisor.


Now that is one sexy picture!

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Color me shocked.


Is “WINGED FOOT” another term for “FAKE BONE SPUR”?

By the way, look up douche bag in the dictionary, and that is the picture you’ll see.


It’s a fancy-ass golf club in Larchmont, NY, in Westchester County. They hosted the US Open in the 1970s.

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You need to have Geordi plug your humor chip back in. Or did you think I actually gave a crap about one of Trumps clubs?



You keep using that word, advisor. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Peggy Noonan worked as a speechwriter for Reagan four months before she met him in person. One of the other speechwriters said he hadn’t met with Reagan in a year, except to wave and say hi. Noonan was so star-struck by the Gipper, she somehow tells the story without embarrassment.

If he means it like Trump does when he says he’s never met someone, they’re probably golfing buddies.

Maybe Peter Navarro would have a better chance if he were named “Steve” like most of the rest of Trump’s economic team.

Sofa King what if he hasn’t? 90% of all politicians are lawyers to begin with. They have zero knowledge about economics, history, government, foreign affairs, etc. That’s what government is, same as any business, you hire people who know what they’re doing and turn them loose to do their job. It all gets filtered up to you in a nice, neat condensed package and you make a yea or nay decision on it. It’s not rocket surgery.

Glad to see Owen Wilson is getting work again. So sweaty!

Are we sure this “Navarro” character is real? and not…a character in the passion of the drumpf?

Hahaha watch that be prescient.

Needs more popped collars.

Trump can’t let the far right see him talking to acedemics! That’s one of the few things he could do that would actually turn off his supporters.


Well yes, but at some point you still have to talk to them. Or are you arguing that the economy in general is too obscure to deserve any of his personal attention?