Will the real George Papadopoulos please stand up?


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Here’s one!


It would be great if her name was “Mary Ann”. (Or maybe “Nanny”.)


Greek descendant people from Detroit (or burbs) aren’t that unusual. For example, there’s this guy:
He’s only been on TV for 30+ years. The name of the city (Novi) is somewhat suspect (though it certainly exists out there around I-96 and I-275), but a CPA with a Greek last name living there is absolutely not.


You know there are plenty of innocent George Zimmermans out there who are like “Welcome to the club.”


Apparently a Michael Bolton (neither the singer nor the character from Office Space) replied with “I feel your pain, brother.” Too funny.




I am the very model of the modern Papadopoulos
I often get mistaken for the George called Stephanopoulos
And when I visit Canada I get called Stroumboulopoulos
Confusion reigns across the world from Minsk to Minneapolis

[apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan]


Wooly like a mammoth by the name of Snuffleupagus


That’s the spirit!


Sorry George, it’s all Greek to me…



(memory is weird, how did I even remember this?)


My wife’s accountant is Greek-Australian. I wonder if there is a cultural bias towards greeks going into accountancy.


My best friend when I was five was a George Papadopoulos…


Is Tom Selleck Greek? Wikipedia gives his heritage as mostly English, with some German.


I was always under the impression that he was Greek. According to a teacher I had back in the day who went to high school with Selleck, the majority of the students at their high school were Greek descendant. He could’ve been wrong, but it’s always nice to be able to point out something good that came from Detroit.





Not all papadopouli*

*I know greek, not latin. So what.

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