Devin Nunes tells Fox today that Trump never met with Papadopoulos, but photo shows he is lying


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Fake fake news.


Fake news? Which part?


“I find it scary that the fake news Hillary patrol are trying to deep state Supreme Commander Trump!”

“Wow, such a brave man standing with the nation. Up next, dog fashion show!”

Morning shows are so bizarre.


Nunes has the stupid stick tree growing out’a his hiney.


Anything beginning with Fox News is fake. Even Fox states they are for entertainment only, not real news.


“Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?”


Ten years from now a solid majority of Republicans will vehemently deny that their party ever had anything to do with Donald J. Trump.


Someone lying on faux news?


It’s not so much that they’re lying constantly, it’s that they’re so damn bad at it.


Hold on a minute. You can’t lie on Fox News.


It’s really hilarious who they’re willing to cut loose and distance themselves from at a moment’s notice. Remember when Steve Bannon was supposed to be a minor figure in the campaign? High-larious.


This. If anything prevents us slipping into full-on fascist dictatorship it will be the staggering ineptitude of the president, his family, his cabinet and his propaganda wing. Congress sure as hell isn’t going to do shit.


Fox and Friends especially. The mouth-breathing hosts will swallow any lie from Il Douche’s enablers without question.


What are words even

Seriously. I did my doctorate in linguistics, and between this administration and the roughly concurrent paradigm shift in the field to a post-Chomskian model (read: it didn’t hold up in the end), I am feeling unmoored, and witnessing everything I base my life and understanding of the world on just fall apart. It’s hard to feel like anything matters when words themselves no longer mean anything.


Also, the chocolate ration has been increased to 20 grams…


Like, who would even believe he “never even knew who Trump was?” Can you imagine Trump himself claiming that someone didn’t know him? He’d have an aneurysm trying to say the words out loud.



Not that this is the place for it, but there has always been a solid non-Chomskian wing of linguistics (i.e. Lakoff). Besides, despite the POTUS best efforts, language still has meaning


The part about the Nunes memo that I find most frustrating, is that most people don’t know (because news stories generally ignore it) that the wiretap on Carter Page started after he left the Trump campaign. Regardless of the details for the FISA order, this was not surveillance of the campaign at all.