Trump is reportedly planning to try, once again, to suspend H-1B and other visas through the end of the year

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What are the odds his properties will be the exception to the rule while other businesses are restricted - again?


A little over a year ago, it was difficult to find electricians to complete the construction of a nuclear plant in Georgia. It is a multi-year project, the kind of thing that new apprentices complete an apprenticeship and older electricians cap off their career. Still temporary— after all, it is construction— but a big enough project that you need people with experience.

Anyway, not enough qualified folks available, so the contractor and union came looking to Canada. In Canada we have nearly identical standards and work practices, standards of living, and a nearly universal desire to quickly return back home once the job is completed. It was a win-win scenario. Canada would send enough qualified mentors to train apprentices and supplement the workforce, and then they’d leave trained electricians behind them.

Well, the contractor got the signoff from the state and federal employees and tasked the IBEW with carrying out the labour equation. They reached out to every local in Canada and asked for applicants. Many of them were taking a cut from their local rate of pay and a major disruption to their home lives, but it was opportunity to be part of something out of the routine, and to genuinely contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

Everything was ready. The contractor was geared up, the union found willing workers, people had cancelled rental leases and started to send deposits for new accomodation in a foreign country- and then, at the last minute, the Trump administration cancelled the work visas. Not because we were displacing local workers. Not because we were expensive. They cancelled them because we were overqualified.

Trump Administration Issues Shock Visa Denial to Canadian Members


Finally, the tech industry and academia can give uneducated white men the jerbs to which they’re entitled.


“…H-1B visas, which are designed for certain skilled workers such as those employed in the tech industry, …”

It’s a true statement, and tech workers probably account for nearly all the H-1B visas granted, but I also like to point out that the H-1B is also intended for “fashion models of distinguished merit and ability.”

Won’t somebody think of the struggling U.S. fashion magazine industry?



“kick-start the economic recovery.”

Kick starting this economy is going to be like trying to kick-start a Honda CB750 that’s been sitting in a field for the last 15 years. It might start, but mostly likely, it ain’t gonna.


more Steve Miller quietly pulling the puppet strings behind the scenes, he must drive like 70% of the evil in this administration, I hope the next department of justice turns over that rock


Now, that’s going to put the American economy right back on track!


Only if you’re trying to start it by shooting it with a gun. Because that’s what this is - nothing but a self-inflicted wound.


Visas for Eastern European models, however, remain safe indefinitely.


This project has been way over budget and well past date, yet it continues.

And it’s fucking infuriating that they canceled the visas because people were over qualified… like, it’s a nuclear power plant! I want that shit built by the best there is!

The whole thing has been an exercise in utter frustration.


No need to besmirch the saintly 750/4.


Again, as a current H1-B holder who either needs the greencard process to not suck or renew next year, otherwise I have to leave the US,

fuck this shit.


I calls em likes I sees em; entirely from off the top of my head.

Agreed! :rofl: /s

Considering how long it takes for us to fill one position with a minimally qualified person (of any nationality) and how many positions we currently have filled with H-1B people, this would be devastating.


Do you want the bad news or the bad news?


Great. Now on top of everything else I need to be ready to potentially move back to Canada in the middle of the world being broken.




My understanding is that the bid was initially granted to the lowest bidder, a non-union contractor that couldn’t possibly supply the number of workers required, let alone ones that were in any way qualified.

After that contractor failed, the project was restarted with contractors with proven access to an international labour pool with very highly skilled workers with industrial nuclear experience to train up local workers then leave and the kicker is that the Trump government stepped in to prevent the project from succeeding.

Like, I don’t even get the politics of it, because the qualification thing is bogus and we’re not taking jobs from Americans. Hell, I can’t even pin it on racism. The only thing I can think is that it’s a union thing, and it’s pretty widely accepted at this point that if you’re building something highly industrial, you’ve got to go where the training is. Not to knock folks building houses, but this is a whole different ball game.


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