Trump makeup: Make your face great again


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Just like us homosapiens, he is merely trying to look more youthful by adopting the characteristics of the young of his species…


Needs more Cheetos.
And the pink puckered eyes. Smiles are for losers, sneering is more The Donald. Oh and duckface.

Can make up help his tiny tiny fingers? Short-fingered vulgarian indeed.


How long before we get an editorial from some wingnut website complaining about the TOTALLY UNFAIR double standard that the libtards follow, passing around their Trumpface howto videos while they shutdown good ol’ fashioned blackface ghetto parties at college fraternities around the country?


I thought the idea was to get your hair and skin to be exactly the same shade.


That was significantly funnier than I expected. Her commentary during the Cheeto smashing was spot on.


If it doesn’t involve bronzer, it is only a Drumpf.


I like the “10 shades lighter” concealer that she uses: Veiled White Supremacy. :smile:


Of course, One can aspire to be a feminist. Who would want to be trump?

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