Trump Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Varma tweets obscene Halloween joke

I get this ^

But I don’t get how they justify their elder, their disabled, their sick and needy.

Those people are the weakest. Therefore, Social Darwinism.

You can’t shame them. They are incapable of feeling that.

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Part of me wants to believe this was sarcasm, bacause, come on.

That said, from Trump’s perspective, I can see why the prospect of someone going bankrupt from medical bills is scary. They probably want medical debt to be undischargeable, like student debt. Can you imagine if they had to start bailing out sick people like they do for his casinos?

If she thinks that the service she provides as the servant of the people is so terrible - she should resign and let someone do a decent job.


They treat their own just as badly as everyone else - even when they have the resources to do better. They care for no one except themselves.


I’m not sure how it is supposed to work in the US, but I’m pretty sure that in some places civil servants can get fired for using their position for political campaigning.

(Also, yes, what an asshole)


Yeah, a lot of “Hatch Act!” in the twitter replies…


I am so stealing this quote, please and thank you!


So true.
Was arguing with a (supposedly) devoutly Christian friend acquaintance about voting for Trump and he literally could not understand how letting poor kids starve and be without healthcare was the very antithesis of his claimed Christianity.
(I have not spoken with him since.)


Well, thats what the rich conservative has brainwashed the poor “culture/values” conservative into thinking.

The rich conservative has never had a thought to healthcare. Its provided by his wealthy employer. But it just really annoys him that he might, in any small way, have to contribute to the healthcare of someone else via his tax contribution. Thus, he belittles, demonizes, and chokes off funds, for healthcare in general to trick the poor (“You don’t want communism, do you?”) For good measure, he throws some crumbs to distract them (religious “freedom”, anti-immigration, anti-LGBT, anti-abortion). And, by and large, poor conservatives are OK with dying sooner if it means they can feel they died later/lived better than foreigners or PoC.


This is so absolutely true, and it also truly sickens me.

I hear you. My entire family are fundamentalists, and seem insensate when it comes to the cognitive dissonance that comes with the Fornicator-In-Chief’s antics. It’s disheartening, at best.

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