Trump fires VA Sec. Shulkin and tweets his replacement pick: WH doctor Ronny Jackson


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Shocked. Shocked I tell you. Well not that shocked.

(I’ll add the animated Frye gif later)


Wut? I thought this guy was Trump’s doc.


I’m sure this wasn’t “thanks” for faking his health report or anything. I mean, it sure seems a good fit, a doctor, a sprawling government bureaucracy – I’m sure he has tons of valid experience.


That’s his private doc. Not the WH one. Unfortunately. I really wish this guy had followed him into the WH because 45 would have dropped by end of 2017.


Ah, thanks. I’m not at all surprised that Trump has a special doc just for his privates.


I figure you knew that but couldn’t resist the snarky dream scenario of 45’s presidency done by December 2017. :slight_smile:


Still not going away tRump, no matter how many times you rearrange the deck chairs on your own personal Titanic.



Also, he has fired the Transportation Secretary and replaced him with the White House chauffeur.


Would that be the same ‘Ronny’ who can’t spell his own name correctly?

Selling out your “ethics” and ‘integrity’ pays, I guess.


It takes a whole team, yo. Lot of creepy crawlies down there – he doesn’t use rubbers after all.


Sooner or later, Trump is going to run out of people he knows and likes to appoint to positions in the government. What on earth will he do then?


Old school phone book (with all liberals and minorities redacted) -> Eyes closed -> random page -> drop the index finger -> done and time for a nap.


He actually tried to do that with his personal pilot by nominating him to head the FAA.


Definitely getting Scanners vibes off that picture.

…I’m ok with this.


From what I’ve been reading, it’s pretty much already happened. Reportedly he spends a lot of time talking to former White House staff, because those were the guys he liked (but he was forced to get rid of them for petty little reasons like they were utterly corrupt, spouse abusers, etc.). Now it seems to be mostly about getting rid of anyone who dares to disagree with him or tell him he’s wrong.


This is the kind of thing dictators do. Trust, and loyalty count above all, and relevant experience is optional.


So I wonder who exactly Putin’s thugs threatened in order to get Dr. Jackson to disgrace himself in public? The man was clearly lying and clearly under duress to do so. (If you don’t recall it that way, go back and watch his public statement again.) Somehow I doubt if they threatened Dr. Jackson himself. Did they threaten his wife and/or children? What did they threaten to do? When and how did they deliver the threat?

I’d ask how much Trump himself knew about it, but I suspect he has neither the intellect nor empathy to understand the meaning of threats against others. If it penetrates his addled brain at all, it probably comes through as some kind of wonderfully aggressive business practice.


Jackson is more of an easy-chair.


I don’t get why you guys are down on Jackson. He seems like he has a solid career under his belt. Looks like rock-solid medical credentials. Not a lot of administrative experience, which is concerning, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anything overtly bad about the guy.

The VA has been terribly managed for my entire adult life, but it’s not clear to me how much of that is due to Congress holding the purse strings. Definitely seems like Shulkin needed to go.