Harold Bornstein, Trump's ex-doctor, says candidate dictated letter claiming 'healthiest individual ever'


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/05/01/dr-harold-bornstein-claims-tr.html



Flim flam.
Flim flam president.
Flim flam doctor.
Flim flam letter.
It’s all flim flam.
As far as the eye can see.
Flim flam.


It seems like every week I feel just a little bit more like I live in North Korea.


This is my surprised face.


My favorite reaction was when voice actor Billy West read the letter in Zoidberg’s voice (normally he reads Trump’s dumbass statements in Zapp Brannigan’s voice).


And the jokes just keep on writing themselves.


The surprise, for me(though of the same flavor as many other things I have found surprising, so I should probably recalibrate by now) is that someone with a (deeply checkered; but nonetheless active) career that would only have been possible with extensive delegation(not to mention the whole ‘retreat into just licensing out the name’ period) would personally and word-for-word attempt to ghostwrite what is supposedly a doctor’s report.

Make it understood to all lackeys that this exercise has a correct answer and will be graded? Definitely. Actually do it yourself rather than just having four-eyes grovel through it for you because if he’s so smart why ain’t he rich? Seems weird.


Is it just me, or are all the people who have seen Trump naked finally starting to turn on him publicly?


What a surprise.

We can be sure the same was done for Dr. Ronny’s assessment of trumps health. He also needs to say farewell to his license.


This is a guy who pretended to be his own publicist for a period of several years, and has disappeared so far up his own ass he can see daylight again. It is absolutely 0% surprising to me that he would dictate his own doctor’s note.


Those who’ve truly seen the emperor with no clothes or something?






Scott really ruins the mood there. Everyone else is just having a good time, calling out the overconfident simpleton; while you can just see Pruitt rubbing his hands together: “yes, an empty vessel into which we shall pour a slurry of our deepest desires and superPAC soft money; that it may give issue copiously to feed the kings of this world…”

Not really comedy material there, dude.



“I said ‘wessel’ partner. Wessel.”


As with everything involving 45, it’s ego over literally everything else, including self preservation and common fucking sense.

The better question is why so many shady-ass professionals would be willing to cozen and abet this shitgibbon once he got into office; surely they had to know that the man and all his not quite legit business affairs would be put under a giant microscope of public scrutiny, right along with his known associates.

What’s ‘surprising’ to me is that allegedly Melania is the only one who foresaw all this coming; supposedly, she was against him running from the very start.


They were counting on Washington to be as corrupt as they are and they have not been disappointed.


At this point I’m going to need to see a birth certificate to make sure this Trump character is who he says he is.


Only to the point that it won’t endanger their own skins, which is what we’re starting to see happen now. 45 can’t pardon away every single crime and conviction, especially the ones that aren’t federal.