Trump Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Varma tweets obscene Halloween joke


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That’s not even a joke; it’s really what scares the GOP…


C’mon, she’s being civil about her contempt for her fellow humans so that makes it fine./s




…and I dress this way just to keep them at bay 'cause Halloween is EVERY DAY


Christ, what an a… administrator who seems completely incompetent and at odds with the purported job she is supposed to be doing. And an asshole.

VOTE! vote this scum out


…as is the pattern with all of this administration’s appointees, which I am sure is intentional.


If you decide to either not vote, or worse, to vote for Republicans ; this horror show is on YOU!


Trump’s Medicare Administrator is opposed to Medicare.

How fitting.


It’s hard to contain my ire when I see posts like this. In a perfect world, wouldn’t you want everyone to have free medical care? I understand that there may be many smaller mountains to climb before we get there, that it may be impractical for the near or even medium-term future. However you choose to rationalize it, if you say we can’t have it right now, well fine.

But to actually say the thought of it scares you, like it would be horribly, horribly bad if it somehow came to pass? WTF is wrong with these people?


Ah yes, what a horrible, dystopian nightmare that would be. #thehorror


Step 1 - break government
Step 2 - complain loudly about how government doesn’t work
Step 3 - Profit!


Happy Halloween. Please vote on November 6.

Roger That!


A large chunk of her experience prior to joining the administration was helping conservative states write waivers to get out of implementing parts of Obamacare.


This seems to be the criteria for every appointment Trump made - either contempt for or ignorance of the department or program they were appointed to run.

Rick Perry couldn’t remember the Department of Energy.

Betsy DeVos is actively undermining education and wants to keep students in debt.

Ben Carson knows nothing about housing and urban development. Also thinks the pyramids were for grain storage despite a dearth of internal space.

Andrew Wheeler is a former (and seemingly current) coal lobbyist.


Couldn’t help myself. I tweeted back to her:
This is the most depraved, disgusting, despicable, callous, rotten tweet I think I have ever seen from a gov official. You are shameful and unworthy of the office you hold. SHAME ON YOU. May you never be forced into bankruptcy due to healthcare costs (or maybe you should be).


Trump’s probably going to get lots of screams from his base dressing up as the Constitution.


Their true colors sliming through.



She seems pretty pleased with herself and the reaction to her tweet, given her later tweets.


I “tweeted” something mean and it still felt pretty worthless. Thanks Obama.