Trump organization worth one-tenth of previously reported value


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Are they counting the money looted from the American treasury in that estimate?


“It was obviously important to Donald to have his company at the top of the list and I don’t know why he felt that way…"

Uh, he felt that way because he’s a narcissist. From what I can tell, the most important thing in the world to that T guy is being on the top of the heap.

Perhaps some people can’t see this.


Oh, this is JOYFUL. This is one of the most humiliating things that could have happened to Cheeto Mussolini, and it’s only going to get better. As deeper dives and estimates are done, we’ll also get a nice profit/loss statement that shows just how poorly managed everything is.


But her emails!


What’s the over under on him publicly admitting to something illegal like tax evasion or lying in disclosures during his inevitable “fake news, I’m so much richer than anyone knows” response.


I am SHOCKED to see “flagrantly untrue” and “Donald” in the same sentence.




Considering how the most success he had was leveraging the name, and considering that name is worth shit other than to his die hard fans, he is going to end up even poorer when this is over. Unless he manages to make enough through back door deals while in office.


I think it is more like gross exaggeration and bragging but not in the paperwork.
If you have a Real Estate Company that was involved in $10 billion worth of property “sales” it does not mean you “made” $10 billion. But I have seen Real Estate companies make these kinds of claims all the time.

My wife is a Realtor and if she sells a home for $1million, she doesn’t make a million dollars. But the brokerage she works for keeps track of everyone’s “sales” by that number.

Trump has already claimed that his “brand” is worth whatever he thinks it is worth. Everything is just made up for show.


And eventually Mueller is going to get around to the corporate tax returns, and we’ll see how deep in hock Il Douche is to all those “Cypriot” bankers.


Protip: You can always tell if Trump is lieing by checking to see if he still exists.


Trump couldn’t say “good morning” without lying twice.



Yeah those turned out to be worth about a tenth of what he claimed too…


Wait, wait, what? Are you saying Trump lies?!?


Like a lot of people have been suggesting, this is almost certainly why he’s so damn adamant to not publish his tax records. He’s nowhere near as wealthy as he claims, and his fragile narcissistic ego can’t take it becoming known.



For someone who measures their self worth in net worth, and constantly goes on about how rich they are and what a great businessman they are, my only reaction to this is: