Trump remains silent on Nashville suicide bombing

That’s not just her, that’s just standing policy in many countries.

I still don’t know the full names of most German mass shooters or terrorists because the media only uses their first names and last name initials and I’m not seeking out their full names in international media.


I did read that the guy was an IT pro. My guess is either a beef with ATT. He didn’t seem to want to hurt anybody, considering the message and time of day.

OR to put my conspiracy hat on, this feels like a heist movie (Oceans 11 with that EMP anybody…) and a larger group wanted to do something while part of ATT was knocked out. Hmmmm. I am hoping it wasn’t a practice run for something else.

On one hand, it is unusual for a president to not acknowledge a terrorist attack.

On the other hand, maybe it is best to not give the guy the attention he wanted.

Unfortunately, it is probably because Trump doesn’t care, not because he is making a tactical decision to not mention it.

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Yup, Trump understands nothing about the attention economy - he has no (zero) experience with how what he comments on publicly affects events.

He gets that giving presidential attention to these types of displays discourages copycats and would be a really great idea. It’s the same reason there are media guidelines to loudly promote the names and fame of violent extremists.

I think Trump is trying to encourage more of this type of thing by not giving it his full attention.

Not really. He’s just upset that one of his possessions isn’t getting enough publicity.


This was kinda my take on it as well. “Trump silent on Nashville bomber” - that’s probably just as well. Trump was never about making anyone’s life better (besides his own) The only thing he offers is to make brown people’s lives worse, so those with less-beown skin can choose to feel better by comparison.

No part of this story feeds that narrative, so in TrumpTown, it might as well not have happened. Nothing he is likely to say is going to make anyone feel better anyway.


Usually true, though he did toss out that racist red meat about “saving your [white] suburbs” by blocking funding for housing developments. It was an offer to make some white lives “better,” however insincere and self seeking the offer was.


To be fair, the bomber was white so he really has to give all that shit a pass.

Guess probable cause doesn’t apply to wypipo.


Also, they took HER in for a psyche eval when she called them.

Because we live in a garbage country that’s a racist patriarchy…





:man_facepalming: Holy shit, what a fucking disaster. Stupidest possible timeline.


There is a long history by this point of law enforcement not taking the terroristic threats made by white men seriously. I think Federal Law Enforcement in recent years are starting to pivot to doing so, but it’s taking a while on the local level to do so. There was that massive arrest of members of the Aryan Brotherhood out in CA just over a month ago, so, that’s some good news on that front.


Blink Twice

“The suspect had reportedly made statements about a “lizard people” conspiracy theory which claims politicians and celebrities such as Justin Bieber and the Obamas are lizards with alien origins which are now taking over the world.”



One of Icke’s lot, then? That would make the case for a right-wing anti-Semitic and racist ideological motive (more so if they find Qanon stuff which is Reptillian-adjacent).


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