Trump remains silent on Nashville suicide bombing

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He wouldn’t say anything useful anyway.


he’s waiting to see if the bomber was a supporter or not.


My thought was that he is waiting to see what color skin the bomber has. If it’s white, then he’ll ignore it or try to say it’s antifa or somesuch (I have zero doubt that is already happening in RWNJ circles). If he’s brown then he’ll be hollering about it and somehow trying to blame Biden.


I’m betting that it doesn’t even occur to him as something that he should really even comment on as it doesn’t directly impact him.

I mean, the nasty fashion magazines probably ran an article critical of the Miss World contest, which is by far more directly important to him…


They didn’t treat Melania as the most elegant First Lady ever.


Hmm… Not so sure about this. This would imply that he actually cares about Melena… (yes, the misspelling is intentional)



He’s considering his options for pardoning the bomber.


I mean, yeah. He’s done this before. Can he blame antifa/BLM? Was this guy a supporter? He won’t bother to say anything until and unless he can use it as a weapon. This is the essence of Trump - he’s only interested in, and capable of, attacking. Support, empathy, leadership, etc. simply aren’t things he does. He totally lacks the cognitive toolkit to do so. He’ll give minimal lip service to pretending to do those things, but only as part of a political move that ultimately allows him to attack someone.


I plan to delete this, but…

Is POTUS doing something right thru sheer lazy or incompetent selfishness? I hesitate to openly praise him in light of my beliefs.

Attention seeking suicidal humans crave attention almost as much as our lame duck Trump. To deny them attention removes the incentive for “copy cat” terror.

Mental illness is real and people act like our former President or this bomber may have valid outlooks, I disagree, I suggest we lean away from fetishes that are evil.

However, I insist on being informed. This feels like a conflict of interest that I haven’t figured out yet.

Also at least he isn’t actively praising this :peanuts: for his Patriot Suicide. I worry it would be legitimate for Trump to “Claim” this in light of the violence he seems to be encouraging, if he does it might open the floodgates and set his minions into action!

I wish he would tear into any bomber as trash then many of the wannabes wouldn’t bother. Poor Trump such a victim! “His people” want to save him from We The People so no comment may well be the ideal outcome.

We don’t know the president’s motives yet. You can like the outcome but still hate the motives.

I would be happy to give him kudos for doing one of the right things here, but I have a feeling this will not be the case.


Is it just me or does that bomber have a passing resemblance to Joe Walsh?

There are already other prominent Trumpists stepping up to put forward baseless conspiracy theories about the nature of the blast because that is the world we live in now and everything is terrible.


So many people love a good fiction to neatly explain a truth that they cannot hope to understand. And some people just love to stir shit up.

‘Tis strange—but true; for truth is always strange, Stranger than fiction.


Or poorly written fiction to provide a convoluted explanation for a relatively straightforward occurrence they refuse to accept.


Trump and Tucker Carlson and Fox Nation would have been all over this if this man had been brown and a muslim. A suicide bomber? In the middle of the heartland? “C’mon guys, the sky is falling! ISIS!”

But, if he’s just white and American (and especially if it’s just a mass shooting and not a bombing): well, that’s just business as usual, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for, move along, move along.


My wife’s father likely has an undiagnosed case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD’ers rarely get diagnosed - And why would they? They’re amazing /s) [1]. This is exactly what we’d expect from him, and Trump too. The formula isn’t complicated: if it makes them look good - praise it to the sky. If it fails to make them look good, they crush it if they can, otherwise they ignore it. If it doesn’t directly impact them one way or the other, ignore it.

There’s no strategy, no concern that words should occasionally mesh with reality. Just constant simple reflexive seeking praise and flattery and situations that show them in a good light.

This bombing didn’t affect any of his hotels, nor those of his circle-of-flatterers. And in his mind, he has much bigger problems (an election that failed to make him look good). It’s also not clear why this happened, so it can’t yet be spun into a tale that makes him look good. So I’d be shocked if he said anything.

[1] Unfortunately for my wife’s childhood, she didn’t have an instinct for flattery, and often failed to make him feel good.


You can talk about the attack without naming the perpetrator. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has a policy of never saying the name of the Christchurch terrorist.


It’s not about him, so why would he comment about it?