Trump’s bid to end the Mar a Lago FBI investigation ends in humiliation for his pet judge

Of course these days every time a check on partisan overreach works as intended it puts a spotlight on the next institution for right-wingers to undermine before the next election cycle.


Until there’s a name given to the crime, I would settle for disbarment. (If you’ve got a crime to name, I’d certainly be interested.)


Almost seems like I have a point when I get furious at Biden et al for saying they don’t support expanding the SC.


balance is not really a relevant concept

the goal is not a limit of 50% fascists


Lacked sufficient evidence?
Lets recap, basically every decision she made in the case has been reversed because they were based on bending, ignoring, or twisting relevant laws and precedents with extremely weird and weak reasoning - that always just so happened to favour Trump. She made arguments for Trumps lawyers, and gave them things they didn’t even ask for, in addition to almost everything they did ask for.
And the she took the case on, despite the whole thing very clearly being outside of her jurisdiction in the first place.
That isn’t enough evidence of Cannon’s bias in Trump’s favour? What did Judge Pryor want, Cannon to say under oath “Yep, I didn’t just put my thumb on the scales - I straight up fucking elbow dropped them.”


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Always and forever.


Good riddance to bad rubbish. If Cannon was capable of shame, she’d slink away and find a cave to crawl into, but she’ll be darkening the federal bench for decades unfortunately.

It’s hard to overestimate how remarkably bad her order was on this, from bedrock error of making a 41(g) analysis in the first place to the mangling of the applicable test to ruling on arguments Trump’s attorneys didn’t even make to a incomprehensible understanding of executive privilege to a half dozen other problems. She appoints a Special Master assuming he’ll give her cover for a terrible decision, then when he does his job ethically and competently she decides to disregard his rulings because of course.

Then, when she realizes the 11th Circuit is not going to play along, she issues the dismissal on jurisdiction she should have ordered a week after the abomination was filed. If she wasn’t going to remain an Article III judge for the rest of her natural life it would be satisfying to mock her as a joke, but holy shit she’s a terrible judge and I pity anyone who has to be before her.


Planes and trains…bit of a mixed metaphor there.


I wonder how much kompromat Trump has on her.

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Yes, try to keep on an even keel.


I’m not that well versed on the law to be able to cite the exact statute being violated so I can only give you a layperson’s guess: obstruction of justice? Conduct unbecoming a judge? Violation of oath?

Fortunately the federal government has an entire department devoted to investigating and prosecuting such crimes, so hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Problem is, as I understand it, there are only so many judges that retire and need to be replaced. Bush and Trump confirmed MASSIVE numbers of judges, so even if Biden went full-bore on confirmation, his influence in this area is going to be somewhat limited.

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He doesn’t even need it if she is a true believer.


I’m not worried on that score yet:


Well damn, I was wrong. That is some good news.


Good to know. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that there were lots and lots of open seats, and it’s just a slow process to recruit and onboard judges, though the trumpers seem to have really hit the gas pedal on it, and that’s why we got so many Cannons and her ilk. And wow, was I way wrong! Yay!


Do you have misconduct in public office still?

It is a common law criminal offence in the UK.


Why couldn’t she just be a true believer in Trumpism?