Trump threatens GOP control of Twitter, Facebook: 'We will strongly regulate, or close them down'

Turn off Trump’s account. Twitter has the right to do that. It’s there platform.


More and more like Russia every day.

Can’t say I feel sorry for Twitter though.



They are governed by their own TOS (which you can bet don’t give anyone an opening to sue them). They might be subject to discrimination laws, although bakeries apparently aren’t, and the banned user would have to belong to a protected category. They aren’t subject to “common carrier” regulation like phone companies. In general, businesses have very wide latitude to refuse to do business with individuals, except where a specific law is created.


Well, they are only governed by it if they want to enforce. Trump could have been kicked off twitter multiple times for factually incorrect statements. But they keep/gain audience every time he says something stupid.


Trump is circling the drain. He lost the Drudge Report, Howard Stern, that long blond haired mean lady whose name I can’t remember, and now Twitter is finally trying to put a separator on his combined sewer outfall of a twitter feed.


where do I pick up my prize, predicted this 14 hours ago, oh yeah the prize is country on fire, nevermind


Facebook is already the sad little corner of my internet space where my friends and relatives get further and further “red pilled” by alt-right idiocy. Might as well make it official, like AM radio was when I was younger. Let them go back to arguing with bizarre caricatures of progressives instead of real ones.


They have the right, they lack the desire or conviction. It won’t happen. Instead, they will continue to allow him to spew his vitriol unfettered. I expect the first “fact check” they put on his tweets to be the last.

At this point I think it’s all theater. The reality is they are lock-step with him no matter what he does, and no matter what it appears they do to “contain” him. They are his tool as much as Fox Newz. More?

I wish he had threatened to make his own Twitter, with blackjack, and hookers.


Hmmm…so Nostradumbass feels his right to free speech is being tread upon? These guys would like a word…


I think a more bootlicking tone is required for a paid position.


On the one hand: Trump is a bloviating sack of weasel shit with the moral center of a two year old being denied his ice cream. His comments are both divisive and wrong at every conceivable level. There are farts with more considered thought than that gibbering macaroon has had. He is every example of what is wrong with America.

On the other hand: Twitter is a ginormous corporation, bloated and swollen, happy to make bucks giving a platform to the alt-right propaganda machine as it spews vitriol and hatred, so long as it carefully couches its diatribes in terms that don’t actually spell out how to kill off the minorities and poor people they despise. Thus they help perpetuate the very system that allows tiny brained ferrets like trump to thrive, and then double down by refusing to enforce their own TOS when he inevitably goes off the rails.

And I have to pick a winner here? Fuck my life…

EDIT: In reality, they are simply two parts of our corporate dystopia. The political hand, and the trough feeding corporate pigs who belly up to the hand for scritches while bleeding Americans dry as workers and consumers. Fuck them all.


I wouldn’t be so sure. Turning off his account would drive Trump crazy! It might be good for Twitter.

Hmm… with all this regulation talk, I’m beginning to think that this guy may not be a republican.


Twitter is missing a golden opportunity here to post a link at the bottom of these newest tweets.

A simple link here would provide all the fact-checking needed.


A year ago…


If Trump is furious, someone’s doing something right.

Part of me wants Twitter to keep tagging his tweets. If he melts down to such a degree from two tags, the ensuing Chernobyl from them deliberately continuing the act would be epic, and likely put POTUS so off balance that he says actionably illegal things to tank his reelection prospects.

Of course, the other side of that coin is if nobody acts on the things he says or does during his meltdown - something sadly less than improbable from recent experience.


He’s such a fucking asshole, Christ doesn’t even enter into it anymore.


If their goal was to damage Trump, they wouldn’t have waited this long while allowing him to cause so much damage of his own.

You’re talking like they are against him. They aren’t. They need him.

He’s talking like they are against him. I have no idea what he actually thinks, but at least half of anything he says at any given moment is a lie. He might think they are against him, or he might be doing what he always does to discredit anything done toward him that’s negative; attack and deflect.

ETA Has he called them dogs yet? That’s when we will know he’s seriously against them. Nothing is more filthy to him than a dog.


He’s probably just firing up his supporters. If regulations won’t get him what he wants, a takeover probably would:


They already caused enough damage enabling the GOP and various Russian troll farms. But like anyone who worked for, conspired with, provided services for Trump, he eventually turns on them.

The GOP officially declared itself the Neo-Nazi party at Charlottesville in 2017

The GOP officially declared itself a criminal conspiracy when it acquitted the president in the first senate impeachment trial done without evidence or witnesses presented.

Now the GOP has just dropped all pretense and gone full Commie. Seeking to appropriate private property of various corporations for party purposes without compensation.