Trump threatens to pull federal support of California universities


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Except Betsy DeVos and Jerry Falwell Jr.


“Leave Milo alone! He’s a person!”


I’m pretty sure California politicians have been expecting such a reaction from Trump. I mean it’s not like they’re naive enough to think that Trump would continue to allocate federal funds while California fights tooth and nail to undermine him.


It was allowing free speech. The students exercised their right to speak freely about not wanting the guy there. The university is not obliged to give him a platform.

I know a lot of people don’t understand what “Free Speech” and the First Amendment actually say, I don’t know why I assumed our actual elected Lord Dampnut would.


It’s almost as if he believes that all the powers of the president (real or imagined) are there just for him to settle scores and pay off grudges. But that can’t possibly be the case. This is a democracy. American voters would never support a man who thought like that.


Free Speech only applies to white supremacist wing-nuts. The rest of us have to “shut up and listen”


wait for it - the California Wall is coming


Trump does not have the authority (yet!) to pull federal funds from Berkeley.


Fine, let Yiannpoulos speak, then they can also have the head of NAMBLA speak, then someone can ask Trump to defened his free speech rights.


A wall huh?


So he wants to stop a lot of peoples free speech so one person can have it? Does that make any sense? Wait forgot I was talking about facts not alternative facts.


It’ll win him friends amongst the Know-Nothings who support him and hate the “coastal elites”, but nothing new there. In additon to his ignorance of the First Amendment he’s too ignorant to know that pulling Federal funds from the UC system will impact a lot of defense industry research, which should be amusing if he tries it.

This just adds one more reason for California to stand firm and keep resisting.


I listened to the story on NPR this morning, and they said that the violent ones were NOT student. So the above line reading “In response to students violently protesting hate speech on campus,” would appear to be a misstatement.


Trump is wrong on this (I know…surprise, surprise). UC Berkeley DID allow free speech. It didn’t oppose Milo’s appearance and things were only cancelled when windows were smashed and fires were set. The cancellation was for matters of safety, not because UCB was opposed to free speech. I think UCB recognizes that, like it or not, free speech works both ways. Even the KKK has been successfully defended by the ACLU for that right.


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Such threats bolster California’s nascent efforts to cease paying Federal tax, or just plain leave the Union to rot.[/quote]

I’m pretty sure California will be under martial law before the year is out to the cheers of the alt right who’ve been eagerly awaiting to stroke off with their viagra induced excitement to our suffering.


The dumbing down of American has worked wonders for the rich and powerful. Critical thinking or even the desire to put any effort to thinking at all is long gone. It’s become far too easy to turn on some kind of media mind masturbation device and get stroked into blissful ignorance. If you want to make a threat that will shake people up threaten to take away their toys…tell them they have to read books or get together with other people and discuss problems and find solutions themselves… Then they’ll snap into line post haste.


As far as the constitution is concerned, there’s no legal way for a state to secede, right?

We have a history of willfully omitting exit strategies.


As I understand it:

  • Unilaterally? Certainly not.
  • With a Constitutional Amendment: Easily.
  • With consent of federal Congress? Possibly.


Given that Milo supporters shoot people, it’s interesting that property damage is the focus.