Trump to announce deal for 150 million Abbott Laboratories COVID-19 tests that promise results in 15 minutes

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Testing in a doctor’s or school nurse’s office can return results in about 15 minutes


Here in Iowa, the Republican state government has decided to categorically exclude antigen test results from its reporting of COVID-19 cases. Those who are cynical might suspect strongly that this is a way to minimize the case numbers for political gain.


I’m having all my quick Covid tests done by Theranos


Derek Lowe posted about this today; it’s a good read (actually, for detailed-yet-readable, relatively apolitical coverage of the ongoing pandemic and efforts to fight it, you could do a lot worse than his blog):


“COVID Kim” is the worst. But properly done, I think that would be appropriate. I am sure she does not intend to do it properly, but here is one way it could work: you deploy rapid antigen tests widely. When someone tests positive you then immediately start an RT-PCR test, and they quarantine until the results are in (hopefully within 24 hours rather than 1 week). The PCR results are what get reported. Remember, this test takes only 15 minutes, so at least when you are in a medical setting (vs. at home testing) the person is still likely in the office when the result comes through so collecting a second sample shouldn’t be too hard.

If you are doing this outside of a medical setting (home, office, school) then you won’t be able to do that, but you also probably can’t do reliable reporting even if you wanted to. You just have to count on the person to want to go get a PCR test at a hospital or clinic.

Another situation where Trump will take credit for something he had nothing to do. Will these be delivered with his name and signature imprinted in large gold letters? Why yes, they will.


For only $4, I can provide COVID results in just five minutes. I don’t want to brag, but my state-of-the-art test has some truly remarkable features. It doesn’t require physical samples and can be conducted remotely – over the phone, or by email or text. It has a false positive rate of just 50% and we’ll reinvest some of the proceeds into researching way that that number might be brought even lower. The false negative rate is also noteworthy, at just 1 in 2, something we’re quite proud of.


Humblebrag from the Boingboing readership: I helped build the digital pieces of this system.


So? Accuracy? Would’ve been more noteworthy in March.

Again, Trump saying “we” did something he had no meaningful part in, and yet never accepts responsibility for his personal or adminstration fuckups.

Lots of people in the South are so proud of the Civil War, and love performing reenactments. Why can’t they produce another John Wilkes Booth?

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