Trump to hold 'social media summit,' Facebook and Twitter not invited

No Facebook and Twitter? Who does that leave? Instagram is also Facebook, so not them. Trump isn’t happy with Google, so no Youtube. I’m guessing “digital leaders” doesn’t include actual social media companies.

Jesus Christ, I assumed you were kidding there. So not just no social media companies, there won’t even be real “digital leaders,” just fringe alt-right social media users. It really is going to be a right-wing grievance-fest. I can’t see a single concrete thing coming from this - hilarious.

He doesn’t not like them. He’s just still pissed that he lost “followers” when they did a bot purge. Seriously.


Trump deserves the purulent drainage running from these pustules.

Efficient face-to-face, zero-surveillance-assured way for Trump to backroom convey and coordinate TrumPutin desires to said platforms.

I’ll hazard a guess that the attendees will unironically tweet about it, as that’s the way to get the most coverage…

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Same is it ever was

More than that, I fear that this is more of a planning summit. I mean, Trump’s gathering together all of the different ultra-right-wing propaganda merchants in one place. I feel like this is meant not to air grievances, but to coordinate messaging and plan out a 2020 strategy as the reelection campaign starts up.


Vote Shitty Hand 2020!

So less like a Summit and more like Base camp.


such a freaking child

Ugh, yeah, that sounds pretty likely. Trump meetings are never about what they say they’re about. “Constructive” meetings turn out to be grievance-fests, but what looks like a grievance-fest will turn out to be something rather sinister. That it violates all sorts of laws won’t matter a bit.

They will have a pity-party in the break-out room, where they can go brag-cry about how banned/shadow-banned they are.


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