Trump to impose new sanctions on North Korea over missile and nuclear threats

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Does USA even trade with North Korea so that unilateral US sanctions will have any effect? Will Kim be unable to buy baseball cards?


What Trump says and what Trump does are often unrelated.


Nope. That’s what will make them most effective. No would expect their import/export of nothing with United States to suddenly stop. It’s so genius that only Trump could have conceived of it.


Oh no! Trump is going to cut off my supply of the worst tasting soju produced in the Korean peninsula.

The special ingredient are the tears of the oppressed workers in the distillery in every bottle.


He’s threatened to stop selling them disco-balls?


Impeach idiot Trump yesterday. Call you congressman, demand impeachment, and threaten to send money to McConnelly’s (Kentucky) and Ryan’s (Wisconsin) state. Then send money to Kentucky and Wisconsin.


You know what the worst part about the UN speech and twitter shit is?

NK now has actual quotes they can use to continue to suppress their people. Since the 50s they have brain washed everyone into thinking America is just itching to come in, rape their women, kill their men, and eat their babies. Now they have actual, real footage that shows threat towards them, making any sacrifices and security measures even more “prudent”.


Forcing them to keep Dennis Rodman?


Sanctions!? What?!

I thought he had promised to nuke 'um!

Only if UN doesn’t do what he wants “That’s what the United Nations is all about; that’s what the United Nations is for. Let’s see how they do.”


  1. An attempt to blackmail UN. Do as we wish or we obliterate North Korea.
  2. Despite being one of the founding nations and permanent member of the Security Council, to Trump UN is “they”, not “us”.

Yeah, more sanctions on a country that is already starving will really help improve the situation.


So no, unless something was done under the table. So like drugs, even if it is super duper double banned, it will still get out.

IIRC 90%+ of NKs trade is with China. So they are the only ones with real economic clout.

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And that clout gives them the opportunity to create another famine and kill millions. That’s all.

China does not have the ability to force the DPRK to give up their missiles.

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  1. I don’t think NK will be giving up their missiles.

  2. If they do, through force or diplomacy, China is the most likely entity to do so.

China also have the possibility of getting listed as an enemy of North Korea in alliance with South Korea, Japan and USA, thus becoming a target for a few nuclear missiles in case of war. Doesn’t seem very attractive just to please Trump.

It did have the ability to not help NK with building them in the first place, and with facilitating their weapons programs in general, yet that’s exactly what they did. You talked before about the US being the biggest problem, which is of course nonsense, after NK it’s China who’s the next most problematic actor in this whole fiasco. The US should be exerting far more pressure on China than it has been, if it had done that in recent years we wouldn’t be where we are today. Trump talked a big game re China in the election, not surprising really that it was just more bulshit, though the primary damage was done long before he arrived on the scene to do his best make things worse.

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