Trump tweets poll showing him losing to Clinton




But can you find a giant bottle of it, though?

We’re gonna need a LOT more alcohol; November is still like 5 months away.




(… and this is not in the usual recipe but goes brilliantly, just a drop…)

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It’s a poll result posted to Twitter, not a poll of Twitter.


I’m tired of it already, and it’s not even my country.


As long as we don’t talk about public policy. Let’s keep it to the pyramid grain storage, how much HRC’s jacket cost, Trump’s wig, etc. That’s the level of analysis and discourse for this, THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER! Or whatever.

Ian Welsh on Trump Hysteria FTW

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I don’t have enough Romulan ale to last through to the election, so I think I might just start into the cobra whiskey reserves…


Posted by a Twit.


Doh. Thanks for the clarification.



There was a can of Gosling’s Ginger Beer in the fridge at work today, I was wondering who was hiding the black rum.

I’m already sick of this campaign season, but the social media sass is getting a +4 points for Hil from me this week. I hope that intern gets a bonus.

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I notice she has an enormous left hand. Is Trump going to start dipping his in vodka?

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I blame the electorate.


Fifty percent of the electorate is of below average intelligence.
And the same thing goes for empathy, kindness and ethics.
This is the fundamental problem with democracy.

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Your acetaldehyde problem sounds terribad. Does it last for more than a day?


Made from Somerset’s finest onions.


After the dust from the mergers, acquisitions and moving of production has settled, I understand that a local manufacturer is seeing a big increase in business. As my only use for alcohol is screen cleaning, however, I can’t comment on the product.

Wait, was he ever winning over Clinton? I didn’t think he was. If so, then this poll shows up getting closer.

Also it plays into the narrative that he is a political outsider and an under dog. He isn’t saying thanks that he is winning, he is saying thanks that he is within 2 points. Which honestly, I am surprised at. Remember when this shit started no one took him seriously? Now he is 2 points from a woman who has been groomed for this position for like the last 20 years?

I mean, shit maybe I am wrong. Maybe enough of America would say fuck it. The dems managed to pick the most unlikable candidate in my memory.

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No, but oddly I am good with gin and whisky and tequila for hard liquor. So I can live without vodka.