Trumpian Ontario premier Doug Ford will gut Toronto's city council to punish his Tory rivals

You’re not a “social and fiscal LIBERAL”, you just say you are to make a strained point. Stating that “the vast majority of people in Ontario don’t live in downtown T.O.” is a non sequitur as that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. The rest of what you said is too silly to warrant a response.

Can you tell me how many neighbourhood councils LA has? (Hint: it’s more than 47)

Can you tell me how many staff those NY councillors have compared to Toronto, and what their salaries are compared to Toronto?

He also promised cheap beer

Personally I think the Liberals made a complete bollocks of legalization, and agree that having dedicated pot stores is a better plan. So, yes, on paper his announcement seems like a good thing. But I suspect that the implementation (which was also the problem with the Liberals’ scheme) will be a complete disaster – because EVERYTHING the Fords do is a poorly thought out mess.

It is one thing to announce a policy. It is quite another to actually do it. So far his government has all been about cancelling things, but not so much about creating anything to replace them (like the health ed curriculum). Talk is cheap.

Obviously the “vast majority of people” don’t live in downtown Toronto but there are almost 800,000 people who do. ~6% of the province lives in the relatively tiny piece of Ontario that is the old city of Toronto. Our votes already are worth less provincially and federally than the votes of people living in rural areas. I know a lot of the province has a chip on its shoulder about Toronto but they need to get over it because Toronto is the size of a small country with an economy to match. It needs proper governance.

Maybe you think City Council is too large but if you compare it to cities with smaller councils you see that they have other supporting structures like community councils or extra staffing to make up the difference. They don’t just do less with fewer people for cheaper.

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Watch out for carefully planned poorly thought out messes.

The Toronto council mess lets him exercise personal spite, but it also throws Toronto politics into a spin, where Toronto would be a major source of blowback to his policies over the next four years.

With the federal government, another source of blowback, he got off to an early start milking the refugee problem.

He is a bumblefuck, but he’s also the new tip of the spear for the Harper-type strategy machine in Canada.

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comparing doug ford to a nazi gasbag like trump would be like comparing mr. doctorow to stain

And yet that’s what Ford himself did all through his campaign, and still does when he’s not talking about trade tariffs that are opposed by his voter base.

Although this latest move is something even Trump hasn’t thought of. Yet. I’m sure if Trump hears about it he’ll try to do something similar.

ALSO - They’re boasting about it! The fuckers.

I’d laugh if Giorgio Mammoliti was one of the councilors squeezed out. He’s completely corrupt, has the worst attendance record, and has pretty questionable expenses as I recall.

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That $1 beer thing is goofy. They only promised to lower the floor price of beer to $1, so that if a company so wished, they could offer beer at that $1 price (It’s in a table in here: (a standard beer bottle is 341mL and 5%)). I am not confident that a good beer could be made and distributed at that price point. YMMV.

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