Trumpian Ontario premier Doug Ford will gut Toronto's city council to punish his Tory rivals

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with the slow-witted, backwards, Conservative suburbs*, guaranteeing that Torontonians would live under occupier governments of suburb-friendly, car-humping dimwits like the Ford brothers

Is the best bit of writing I’ve seen on the site for a while


They have 47 sitting on city council?

Before Toronto was run by car-humpers, it was run by Orangemen.


Doug Ford, AKA Laughable Bumblefuck II,

Roger That Eh!


Even were one to believe that reducing council was a good idea (which I don’t, but the sentiment is not universal) Dougie’s decision to do so when we are already in the middle of an election is a real FU to the city. Campaigns have begun, candidates have rented offices, printed materials, etc… and now they are discovering that the ward they’d intended to run for no longer exists.

It is a nightmare. And it is probably only the beginning, since provincial premiers have immense power over cities.




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Ford was elected to “do this”, but except for rolling back sex education and a couple other things, “this” wasn’t defined. (I’m still waiting for my $1 beer, which was promised.)

Chopping the councilors doesn’t really save that much money, and it makes it much harder for average citizens (the little guys Ford loves so much right?) to contact their councilor. From a councilor per 62,082 to 109,262. That would make it as hard to contact your Toronto councilor as your Federal MP.

LA and NYC seem to be outliers for small councils. Could that be why you used them?


If this is the worst that happens, we’ll be lucky.


But there won’t be dramatic savings for local taxpayers. The 2018 operating budget for Toronto city councillors is $23 million — which makes up a tiny percentage of the city’s $13 billion total operating budget.

Chopping the councilors won’t half that $23M either. The remaining councilors will have more responsibilities and will have to increase their staff.


Ford wasn’t elected by a majority, unless you believe 40% is more than half. And he never campaigned on unilaterally gutting Toronto’s city council at the expense of Toronto proper and thereby giving power to the suburbs. That would have looked lousy on a button.



(And thank you for finding the link to that article – I’d read it and wanted to link but couldn’t remember where I’d read it!)

This writer thinks this is probably distraction. Quite possibly. Behind Doug Ford are people like Mike Harris and Stephen Harper, and they’ll have a plan even if he doesn’t.


comparing doug ford to a nazi gasbag like trump would be like comparing mr. doctorow to stain. he hates suburbanites who drive to work yet his carbon footprint must be gargantuan with all the signings, tours, and conferences he attends worldwide. i am a social and fiscal LIBERAL but it is the elitist 1 per cent like him who keep me from voting for one! by the way the vast majority of people in Ontario don’t live in downtown T.O. shocking i know.

Thanks for the cogent analysis, and welcome to BoingBoing!


As a fiscal conservative, I usually think the opposite is fiscal carelessness. I would rank Doug Ford as fiscally careless, by not having a proposed budget during the campaign, or the Ford’s Toronto transit plans that involved a unicorn shitting gold bars to pay for a subway extension that would have been a drain on the TTC operating and maintenance budget rather than going with a planned and funded system, for example.

So, I’m dying to know what a “fiscal LIBERAL” would be.


math ?? as a newbie , perhaps you are unaware that you seem to be bringing a 4 function calculator to a matlab/mathmatica/apl fight ?? buttt , big tent !! all , or most , or many , are welcome to lurk , read , and , perhaps , learn !!

The content of drive-by comments on BBS recently makes me think of this.

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Doug Ford is a lying, corrupt, hypocritical sack of shit whom I trust about as far as I can throw his dead brother. He’s an overstuffed past it’s due date festering sausage in an ill fitting suit. His game plan is consistent with Harris and Harper and it’s the long game of dismantling democratic structures and breaking anything operating on behalf of the people. He’s a fascist turd and we’re fed up with his shit. I and many others will be fighting him (and his ilk) tooth and nail to stem the rising tide damp - even if it means going to the extreme of separating Toronto from the province under its own rule. Fuck him and his whole family.

— yours truly, a concerned citizen of Toronto