Ford is new premier of Ontario

As others have said… Fuckity fuck fuck. That’s it for me. I’m taking a media break for my own sanity. I can’t take the stupidity of my fellow humans. I loved my fellow boingboingers, but I can’t stick around. Maybe I’ll try coming back in a few months, but for now, farewell.
May you always know where your towel is.


Fair winds, and following seas Katryn.


Fuck YEAH! Beer in corner stores.

Ontario voters decided they’d like them some Trump Lite I guess. (“All the corruption and incompetence, with half the Russians!”) Rendering smug Canadian moral superiority somewhat moot for the next four years, anyway.


All systems cough up a hairball from time to time. The test is how they deal with it.

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Time to dust off all those Mike Harris protests, and update them. Especially for the technology.

And the big baby man-child Doug Ford is no Mike Harris. Just because he’s not visibly cracked to the gills, don’t assume that he’s any more stable than Rob Ford.


Beer in grocery stores has been a thing in Ontario for a little while… 2 years now under (previous) Wynn government. I’m not sure about other province’s but Quebec has BEER in corner stores.

Mr. Ford will introduce progressive measures to the Conservative Party.

cut the minimum wage increase to 15$
cut day care services
fire CEO head of Ontario Hydro, put a frat buddy in the seat
snub his brothers wife and call her names
open construction on the Moraine Ridge
… just off the bat, then it gets real for social dependent citizens.


Fool me once…

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So, Ontario voters are blithering dunderheads just like American ones


Well yeah, some significant percentage thereof, to be sure. I wonder if they share the excuse of rampant disenfranchisement?

Much like.

Fascists are the same all over. Vicious white middle class arseholes punching down due to fear and greed while rich people loot the treasury.


Have to admit in hindsigth, Premier Ford is glowing euphoria in the pics the media releases

Spot on.

Good thing that the guy, who said that his brother doesn’t do crack, doesn’t do crack, right?


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Ave atque vale, @Katryn

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