Bumblefuck Watch: Rob Ford's brother hired his own "reporter" to ask him scripted softball questions for literal fake news spots

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@doctorow I think you mean “Doug Ford… brother to Rob Ford” in the first sentence.


Or is it really Rob, pretending to be his own brother “Doug”?


Good catch. I’m kind of naive when it comes to Canadian politics.


I don’t like the “stole the nomination” narrative. The Ontario PCs chose an asinine voting system that was supposed to be a balance between the popular vote and riding (district) representation, but somehow awarded the leadership to a candidate who had the smaller popular vote and who won fewer ridings. I know the system and honestly the math behind how that could happen baffles me, it seems intuitively impossible and the result of a ridiculous fluke.

Still, they chose that system. This should be a lesson to everyone: when you choose a system other than “person with the most votes wins” you are doing so because you want the person who didn’t get the most votes to win sometimes. If you don’t want that to happen, you know what system to use.

Ford, however, didn’t steal it. The party gave it to him. He wouldn’t have known how to steal it.

I don’t want to be that person who is defending Donald Trump against wording technicalities. But this is my home and the election hasn’t happened yet, and I’m saying exactly what I said about Clinton. If we don’t want this guy to win, focusing on stopping him isn’t going to work. Instead, we need to focus on why we would like someone else to win. The best way for him to win is for there to be no policy issues involved.


Christ, what an asshole.


If ford wins the Ontario election I’m giving up on the world and becoming a complete hermit until at least 2020 or someone finds me and tells me sanity has returned to the world. There is only so much stupidity I can take and the stuff coming out of the US is already more than I can handle most days.


There are three other parties, with bold progressive agendas. But will they get to connect with potential voters? Not while the media is focussing on Ford’s circus act.


He got the idea from John Barron.

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Not unless there was something tainted in Ontario PC memberships during the leadership campaign, which frequently happens.

Came here to find video of Ontarians saying “dollars” as “dolers”. Left satisfied.

One thing that put him over the top for the nomination was support from a leadership candidate from the deplorable faction of the party. Which was awkward when it turned out that she had been too blatant in her homophobia to ignore and Ford had to drop her as MPP candidate.

Now he has to throw them a bone to make up for it: Kill sex-ed, and freeze peach for Fascists.


With so much baggage, it’s no surprise that Doug Ford would lack the courage to face the public

Weak. That never stopped an American conservative.


The sex-ed thing is fucking crazy. The liberals updated a sex-ed curriculum that was written when gay marriage was still illegal. In includes things like teaching children the actual names of their body parts, and talking with children nearing puberty about how people make decisions in relationships.

When it was introduced there was a right-wing faction that said it was teaching grade one kids how to have anal sex and other just crazy made-up bullshit. They said it was grooming kids to be victims of pedophiles. While the rest of the province has moved on, these people just never forgot about it.


Past events in the Bumblefuck Watch:


Reminds me of this puketastically disingenuous fucking campaign ad for one of the billionaires currently dueling for the governor’s mansion of Illinois:

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“Mr. Ford, your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?”

They’re polling at a combined ~60% or so. Now the media just has to collude and appoint a winner so the left can all vote for a single party like we did in the last Federal election.

I strongly care about the differences between the three so-called progressive parties. I care even more about not having Doug Ford for a premier so will hold my nose and vote for which ever candidate looks like they have the best chance of winning.

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Just be careful of people who claim they can tell you which candidate that is. Strategic voting makes sense in theory, but actually picking the candidate to strategically vote for is pseudo-science and woo.

I’m already hermit-ing -> 2020! Whoo it’s gettin ugly out there.

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