Revenge of the Laughable Bumblefucks: Rob Ford's brother admits that actors were hired to pretend to be his supporters at rally


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Rob Ford lives! in spirit


Every time I think that maybe Canada is my backup plan, Canada has to keep reminding me it’s full of dumbasses too. Dammit Canada, why can’t you just be the (largely) English-speaking Norway to our immediate north!


I hope “Shirtless Guy” is up for a repeat performance;


They offered to pay $75.

Ontario minimum wage is $14/hr.
2pm to 8pm is 6 hours.
14 x 6=84.

They paid less than minimum wage.

Not surprising that Dougie is acting illegally in addition to using underhanded tactics.


Sadly, Doug Ford has a very good chance of being the next Premier of Ontario. If that happens, Doug will turn into a Trump parrot and attack every thing Wynne introduced, like the way Trump attacks everything Obama did (except dismantling I.C.E. that can stay).


I really hope this becomes outright illegal. I think it’s illegal to obfuscate funding for campaign ads for example, and this should be no different.


Or maybe they should be required to hire a mix of obscure and well known actors, so if the supporters include Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves, you know something is up.


What kind of crackheads wouldn’t realize that it was a “mistake” until they were caught doing it?


Minor note: It’s the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party (or, more correctly, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario), not the Ontario Provincial Party.


Augmented Culture Jamming

A possible destination:


Why wait for a crisis to hire your actors? You can just keep them around for a morale boost.


As some wag already pointed out on twitter: Look Ontario, Doug Ford DOES support the arts!


Doug Ford’s just a rerun of his brother without the drug habit.






Well without the fat cancer at least.


AND for that paltry sum, they actually thought that they had bought these actors silence. That is the mindset. That people should be so thrilled for $75 that they won’t talk about it.


Six hours of work for 75 dollars and your soul. That’s a shit deal.


Sadly, he’s smarter and nastier.

Slightly less theatrics, more likely to be able to cause long-term damage.

To give a little background, there are three major parties, Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, and N.D.P., who are fairly left leaning (raging communists by US standards, middle of the road left by European).

The Liberals have been ruling for 15 years and are pretty definitely past their best-before date, so the voters are looking for an alternative.

Sadly, despite the clown show that P.C.s have put on, the N.D.P. seem to have been forgotten as an alternative, despite being the obvious choice.

Sadly the electorate doesn’t share my belief (yet again…).

But this does remind me that at least in my part of the world, it’s not simply a matter of letting the people have a choice of a mainstream left party. They have that here, and they’re still not biting, even in the most optimal of circumstances :-(.

Time to actually try and convince people, and that’s real work that takes years and decades…