Rob Ford's brother is running for Ontario Premier, but Rob Ford's widow is suing him for stealing millions from the family

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I just heard that on the radio. Good grief!


Hold on. Rob Ford’s widow? Wait, that means…


How did democracies end up tolerating, sometimes even perpetuating, the “dynasty that ran out of talent well before it ran out of ambition” thing?


The Aristocrats!


Some of the things in the lawsuit are accusations that will take time to go through and find out if they are true. However, the lawsuit goes into specific detail about how much the company lost year to year (although 2014 and 2015 are missing). This hasn’t been proven in court, but these are such specific numbers that I imagine they must be real. If they were not real, it would be really quick to prove these are false and get them thrown out of court (or Doug Ford could release statements to prove them wrong if they are in fact wrong).

From the lawsuit:

The financial statements of Deco Toronto record that it experienced losses:
i) in fiscal year 2010 of $396,376
ii) in fiscal year 2011 of 1,117,485
iii) in fiscal year 2012 of $423,961
iv) in fiscal year 2013 of $497,996
v) in fiscal year 2016 of $2,164,577
vi) in fiscal year 2017 of $1,498,598
The financial statements of Deco Chicago record that it experienced losses in fiscal year 2016 of $595,257

That cuts at the core of the claim from Doug Ford that he knows how to run a successful business and that he would be a successful premier by “running government like a business”.


It worked for Trump.


Hey, “people have said” that he was a successful hash dealer. Doesn’t that count for business experience?


Yeah, in the fact he won the election. But it hasn’t, and won’t, in any other context. Government is not business and should absolutely not be run the same way.

If Ford takes Ontario, and that’s damn near literal, it will be disconcerting at the very least. It would illustrate a growing, or at least more bold, Canadian Trumpism that needs squashing very soon.

I hope that, unlike the USA, saner and more motivated voters will prevent that sort of shit happening here.

Well, in Ontario anyway - I’m from Quebec. We have our own, unique, idiosyncrasies… :slight_smile:

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Well, I have feeling that much of the money she’s suing for came from Rob Ford’s less-than-legitimate wheeling-and-dealing. Perhaps that money should go to people who need it, like the folks who suffer while kleptocrats thieve.

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The last time we had a similar sack of shit running the province people died. Putting this sociopathic jughead in power pretty much guarantees more of the same brutal avaricious crap.


arranged for “extravagant” salaries for themselves, which included bonuses, travel and allowances for vehicles, “regardless of the financial performance” of the businesses.

tRump is hiring…

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I’m not surprised that Stephen Harper supports Doug Ford. They had a long connection, a bit quieter during the crack thing, but it was there. I am surprised that Harper’s campaign team got the band back together for the snap leadership race. Almost like they were ready and waiting for Patrick Brown’s fall…

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If he comes out and says, “Canada is about to legalize cannabis and I’m the only candidate with any experience selling drugs,” I will vote for him.

It wasn’t easy, but they after ousting the leader in a #MeToo moment, the PCs managed to find a worse one.


Right next to this article? Annoying autoplay Ford ad.

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Is Rob Ford dead? Has someone made a thread about it?


There is something beautiful about that.

Yes. He died in 2016 of cancer.

(pssst… its’ a running gag around here. We know he’s dead… also, we should start a thread, right @Grey_Devil )