Trumpophobia is already a word


I did that a few months ago. Was in a blood red state, WV, where unemployment is high, education is low and hope for the future is in short supply. I didn’t hide my Jewishness either.

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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

–Some POTUS (jk FDR)

No, crying wolf would be saying “Trump will win, run for the hills!” and the claim being false. Trump did win, and the the road map to fascism has already been written.


So, that is when we Stand Up; for now, we just stand up for America, man, and beat them fascists/autocratics at their own game by out-nationalizing them, yo. Word.

Stand up for America.

America was founded on thought, science, and ingenuity. That will always be in our core, as Americans, so we will overcome miseducation and economic despair with real action, real change, by standing up together, remembering what our founding fathers actually stood for: a new day: tomorrow: translation: gird yer loins, for you must now stand up at every challenge to modern threats to logic, rationality, and most importantly, the scientific method. I’m not worried about scientists, for they’re a meticulous bunch, but I am worried about normal, everyday Americans; don’t fall for the erosion of the scientific method by belief. Science works.

steps off soapbox

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Yup, science works. And science has shown us that humans are, at their core, irrational beings. To wit, the election of President Donald J Trump. :cold_sweat:


and slavery and genocide…


Ah, before the Emboldening… Drumpf supporters appear to be riding a bow-wave of affirmation since 8 Nov. Some actors were even harassed by Trumpers in downtown L.A.


Will it be tomorrow? Not if I can help it, you?

stands up

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Just pointing out that the vileness that Trump has unleashed is also part of the US’s heritage. Its roots run deep.




Not even the privileged people are safe? :persevere:

Let me just fix that for you before I answer your rhetorical question:

From racism and bigotry? Nope. That’s how that stuff works.


What has the world come to where people in bars can act like jerks and only get thrown out?!?!?!

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