Human Rights Campaign declares a state of emergency for LGBTQ+ Americans

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Not what any of us want to see for Pride Month, but everyone needs to be aware of the fascists’ and Xtianists’ on-going attacks on the LGBTQ community.


It’s absolutely sickening that we need a modern day green book. I am so fucking tired of this bullshit.


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Thank you for sharing. This is a really great interview with Imara Jones, who articulates very clearly the why and who of these laws and authoritarian creep and reason for targeting Trans people.

It’s an almost 20 minute interview, but worth every minute.


It’s not just HRC.

When genocide prevention organisations are sounding the alarm, people should pay attention.


As a trans person, I’m terrified. The hate is escalating at a pace that is almost impossible to counter. It’s getting to the point where I’m almost afraid to leave my house. This is absolutely devastating to me.


We do,but like with the original the places that are safe enough to merit mention can also end up becoming targets in their own right, because of that very safety. I know a few people who moved to our area, explicitly because it was safer for their trans kids. Our school district’s main policy problems were oversights rather than malice (what do you mean the policies don’t mention that, we should fix it). Even with all of that our local LGBT youth center has been, vandalized, the workers targeted with threats and doxing, and has had to hire armed security for their events.


Those fascists really go all out for their Fourth Reich.
They did nothing but obstruction and sabotage in the government. They improved no one life except for the billionaires and fundies. They’re needed to be flushed out and down the toilet where they belong.


Congratulations Delaware. I should look at putting them on my relocation list.


As a member of the lgbtq community I was hoping they’d issue it in lavender instead of green. Is there no justice at all? /s

What the fuck California - you’re letting me down :cry:

California has the highest number of registered Republican. This is not a problem of specific states alone. This is a problem of a subset of population hellbent on trying to eliminate the rest. Those fascists are everywhere. They just feel comfortable enough to express those in public now.


It’s fucking infuriating - how can people (who profess to follow christ’s teachings) be so shitty to other people!?

I don’t remember everything from catholic school but I at least remember the beatitudes


I have a friend who is absolutely gutted as she watches churches disaffiliate themselves because they don’t want to support the LGBTQ community in any way. She knows a family that’s leaving their church for a similar reason, even though the daughter in the family is gay. She’s watching from the inside and can’t understand it herself. She was raised in the church, she works professionally for churches, and she’s got…some position (I’m not churchy, so I don’t fully retain all that I’m told) specifically in her own church. These people are hiding in part behind religion to explain themselves, but we all know that’s not the main thrust. It bigotry, plain and simple, and the people are too cowardly to completely own their hatred.


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