Trumpophobia is already a word


and alive and well here on BBBBS


Phobias are irrational fears.


Trombonophobia is also now a word on the BBS.

But Tubaphobes can GTFO. We’ll have none of that here.


What about Sousaphonebia?


Absolutely. They really hurt your shoulder.


Risk assessment is hard, and humans are bad at it. I expect you know this.


True. Easier to cry wolf and panic about an unwritten future!


The Republican Party has been vocally transphobic in that last couple of years. What is the correct risk assessment for trans people in the US?

Bear in mind that the British Government has put travel advisories on certain states (North Carolina in the link below) telling trans people not to travel there if at all avoidable.

It’s our day of remembrance next Sunday, and I am hoping that the USA part of their (incomplete) list doesn’t get any longer.


Governments are just people as well. I’m reminded of how during the immediate time following the March 11, 2011 disaster in Japan, the French government encouraged all French citizens in Japan to flee the country despite the fact that they included no factual reasons for doing so.


Here’s your factual reason

News source specifially chosen from the UK right wing press.


The factual reason for advising LGBTQ people to not go to North Carolina is because there’s a law there that treats them as second-class citizens, and there’s enough support in the general population there that the state legislature hasn’t tried rolling it back yet.

So basically, there’s at least one very good reason. I could start listing more things, like hatecrime stats.


If you will follow the link that @the_borderer provided you will see that the UK government does provide factual reasons for their warnings.


Believe it or not I knew that before the link.


Just saw this:


Then why did you seem to dismiss the borderer’s concerns?


So you’re saying that your comparison is invalid?


When people speak of a fear being rational, I think that what they really mean is “fear which has a rational basis”, and not that the experience of fear itself is reasoned. But people make many lazy omissions in speech with the guess that others will know close enough what they mean.

That’s more or less the distinction I was trying to make in my earlier post. If you can already reason it through, then feeling afraid also won’t help, although it can happen anyway. Just like how pain is a necessary message to prevent further injury, but once you’ve gotten the message it’s nice to not need the incapacitating effects.


A large component of Herr Drumpf Dread is the fear of those emboldened by his ascendency… This is a real and justified fear.
How about an experiment… Why don’t ya come over from Japan and visit a few red states?


Of course - liberals are the real bigots. /s


Trumpophobia is already a word […] and alive and well here on BBBBS