Amateur queer ghost hunters investigate Trump's childhood home


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“which of course begs the question: were they non-professionals seeking queer ghosts, or were they seeking queer non-professional ghosts?”

That was first and foremost when I read the headline. No answer to that question though. :frowning:


This clearly is the question on everyone’s mind and I want to know why the lamestream media isn’t reporting on it?


Why not Both???


I thought ghosts were souls, why would there be any in the Turnip household?


Amateur queer ghosts hunters

Are they hunting queer ghosts or are they themselves queer? So many questions.


“I’m only interested in free-range, genderqueer, non-professional ghosts when I hunt. I mean, I found Houdini, but like everyone’s found Houdini, you know?”


Missing Girl Scouts under the floor boards?


Obviously they were hunting for the ghosts of people never paid for being queer.


No no no, they were queer beginner hunters, are now ghosts after a tragic and all too preventable accident, and as phantoms they investigate Trump’s childhood home. It all makes sense, as much as anything does these days


Any signs of Trump’s morals, sense of duty, or empathy somewhere in the pile of dead bodies?


@AndreaJames hope this isn’t the start of a trend of general Trumpophobia posts.


Clearly they were the ghosts of amateur queer hunters. Whether they were amateur at being hunters or being queer is unclear at this time.


That would be awesome.

You know - it’s not a phobia if you actually have many serious, real things to be concerned- strike that - scared of.


The only way this headline could be more BoingBoing would be to add “by teaching banana themed coding classes to children. Just look at it.”

This site is the best


We get enough Trump related posts from the other editors already.


That’s an individual matter of taste. Preferences will vary.

But many of us - particularly those of us who are LGBT and live in the US
aren’t phobic over the very real threats Trump poses to our rights and


Amateur queer ghost hunters

Amateur, I beg to differ.


It’s so easy not to worry when you’re not the one being threatened.


Hey, remember when Hunter Thompson thought he was down with the Hells Angels?

You need to go full on Roy Cohn to be totally off the menu. At least as long as you’re still useful. But that just brings us full circle.