Trump and Brexit are like lotto tickets: the more unrealistic, the better

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I am just going to keep posting that link until everyone sees this documentary.


I don’t play the lotto.


Me neither. Do you? [poll name=Do-you-play-the-lottery.]

  • Yes
  • No I’ve heard of basic probability theory

I don’t play the lottery, but I do actively look for lost lottery tickets to compare to winning numbers. My odds being about the same either way and lost tickets don’t cost any money. :slight_smile:


No no no, you’ve got your tweets mixed up. It’s Lyin’ Ted. Crooked Hillary. There’s going to be a quiz, you know, if Trump becomes President.


I’m not sure loyalty tests are in quite the same category as quizzes.


First, the author fails to realize that whatever an American President wishes to do doesn’t mean he can, i.e. build a wall on the borders. He’s engaging in rhetoric. The U.S. citizenry know this. So Trump, like Brexit’s Johnson, may be hitting on the fears of the disenfranchised and playing demagogeuery, however a better question is why such a disenfranchised groups exists, and who benefits by such a class? Trump is hitting that nerve. Political systems will evolve or dissolve to the extent that they benefit all of their classes.

Secondly, the author misunderstands the Muslim argument. We in the U.S. aren’t “xenophobic”, i.e. an irrational fear of strangers or foreigners first coined in 1903. What we are strident against are those who themselves label themself “Islam”, ISIS, Isiil, and commit atrocities under the name of their religion. We in the U. S. are against beheadings of ‘foreigners’, mass sexual rapes, and homemade bombs embedding shrapnel on children and citizens in Boston, plying carbides into innocents on Florida and San Bernardino. We in the U.S. are not “xenophobic” but we are strident against those who use the name of their religion to commit unimaginable atrocities.

The disenfranchised will always rise up time and time again until the ruling system takes their needs into account. History has shown this to us time and time again. There would be no fears to exploit if the ruling powers truly took account to their well-being. Let’s not distract ourself from the true cause of the likes of Trump or Johnson.

Funny thing is Lyin’ Ted is so utterly truthful it’s probably what tanked Ted Cruz. I mean, no one in the mainstream media was out there calling Cruz a liar, even though everyone who follows politics knows that he is a liar. Once Trump called him Lyin’ Ted, he was sunk.

Crooked Hilary doesn’t have the same impact, probably because the media has been calling the Clintons crooked since the early 1990s. And Kooky Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren? Amusing what happens when Trump goes up against someone who knows how to fight back.


No, the ones who want to vote for him don’t. Source: I live in an area filled with Trump supporters.

Most Americans are selectively unaware of how little power the president has. 99% of the time, they act like the president has nearly unlimited power to enact legislation.

I’m not sure why it matters what year “xenophobia” was coined. And, also, yes we are. You should hear my dad. My coworkers when they think I’m not listening. The people at random tables near me when I go out to eat. It’s been like this all of my life at least.

Either I live in a hotbed of xenophobia or it’s more than just coincidence that nearly every republican I come into contact with is a xenophobe (*cough* aka racist). (Or some third possibility I’ll have to find a witty GIF for.)

If that was true, you’d have to take it on faith that we’re just being extremely focused in our attention right now and once we get this whole Daesh thing wrapped up we can move on to focus on religiously motivated child abuse, domestic terrorism, and other ills in fundamentalist Christianity.

It’s convenient for the U.S. religious right to pretend that their base is disenfranchised while they hold almost total power in the U.S. But that doesn’t make it true.

We haven’t gotten anything done in congress in years because they own congress. They own much of the state legislatures so we’re seeing more-than-gradual erosion of abortion rights, voting rights, and actual new oppression toward trans people in specific and attempted new oppression aimed at gay people.

What little progress President Obama made with the ACA has been largely eroded by state legislatures refusing to allow their citizens to access crucial parts of ACA.

The right can feel disenfranchised if they want but there’s no truth in it and it keeps them from hearing from people who really are disenfranchised.


Your post has a we problem.

The problem is that we don’t all necessarily agree with the zany stuff we’re saying.

We have to try to persuade people to agree, not presume that we are entitled to speak for others.


Last time I played the lottery was after my dad’s burial… we all pitched in a $ and got one…


Clearly, you know little of our history. We most certainly have major spikes of xenophobia associated with immigration… The nativists in the 1840s, about the time that the Irish were heading over fleeing a genocide, in the late 19th/early 20th century, when Catholic Jewish immigrants were coming at the same time there was a wave of anarchists actions around the world, let’s not forget the Asian exclusion act of the 1880s, during the 20s, where we passed an incredibily racist and restrictive immigration law passed… and now, shit like this:

And this doesn’t even begin to count the ways African Americans have been relegated to second class citizenship and imagined as “not American” despite much of that community having as deep roots here as the Boston Brahamins of Mayflower extraction.

So, how about go read a book on our history before you begin pontificating about American xenophobia. It’s there. It’s real, even if not everyone is on board with it. Pretending it doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. Trump is just the last in a long line of right wing, demagogic populists attempting to employ the xenophobia that does exist in our country for their own economic gain.



Have you noticed how Obama is personally responsible when the price of gas goes up - but not down?


Has someone told them yet that they know this?


…and also apparently catastrophically unclear on what can reasonably be done about it.


This is actually from eight years ago.


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