Trump's Bureau of Land Management director is serving illegally and refuses to leave his post

Oh this bastard. Ignore court orders much do we?

What civil disobedience? Setting quite the example are we?

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Too white to fail…


Have him arrested when he attempts to enter the building. Where are all the enforcers here? Surely if he has been appointed illegally, then that should be the end of it. Any instructions he has previously given should be reversed and anything else he delegates should be ignored.

I hear what you’re saying, but Trump has broken hundreds of existing laws. It’s just that:

A) Investigating and prosecuting the crimes takes a lot longer than committing them and Trump is years ahead at this point.

B) How do you propose we make up all these new laws? That’s basically what the last 200 years have been about- figuring out what the balance of power should be between the three branches


He is still A boss, even if he isn’t THE boss. He is lawfully the deputy director of policy.

He just isn’t allowed to pretend he is the director.

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It isn’t that kind of crime. The thing he did wrong (and arguably continues to do wrong) is pretend he is the boss.

What he signed as ‘orders’ probably aren’t valid, no different than if any ding dong signed the order.

A procedural error, but nothing here would stop them from making the same bad decisions with a different captured regulator signing the orders legitimately.

They also support Black Lives Matter, or claim to anyway. They’re extremely anti-cop and anti-federal-government, and see Black Lives Matter as ‘enemies of their enemies’ i guess.

Deputy director Tiger King is pretty bad. The contempt he shows for public lands and people are as clear as it gets. He doesn’t hide it.

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