Former Scalia Clerk offers legal advice, free representation to civil servants who defy Trump's illegal orders

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Anyone under that “administration” that even has a soul needs to fight for every inch. I would hope they don’t lose their jobs, but if they do so by defying an order that is against the Constitution (that Drumpf and TGOP seem to love), then I’ll support them in any way I can.


The MSPB exists to protect and enforce the civil-service requirements, including the protection against being required to execute illegal or unconstitutional orders.

Or at least it exists until it’s replaced by a much more efficient private-sector mandatory arbitration service.


Pro tip:

Be sure to check with an actual lawyer to be sure the order is actually illegal/unconstitutional.

You don’t want to be like this guy…


As quickly as this administration is moving to destroy our Western liberal-democratic institutions on behalf of its Know-Nothing supporters, educated citizens who understand civics are moving just as quickly to defend them. I think Bannon and his fellow thugs were counting on establishment people like Mr. Samuel to remain quiet and complacent and collect their tax breaks, but apart from the cowards and opportunists in the GOP and some MSM outlets that’s not happening.


and even (my favorite) a bartender in Cleveland

Does anyone know who/what he’s talking about here? Some quick googling failed to turn up anything related :frowning:

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So basically Trump would have to remove Federal judges who defied him, even if he stacked the MSPB in his favor.

Remember the stories of how Trump would refuse to pay contractors, and use his lawyers to drag the dispute out in court? Maybe he’s hoping anyone who defies his orders will just cave if threatened, rather than a long court case.



The military is a wee bit different than the civil service.


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