Ho. Lee. Fark. The JCS, the Navy and the NG draw a line

Letters from all three stating their commitment to the Constitution, the First Amendment, and the right to protest. This is laying the groundwork for a mutiny rather than commit Crimes Against Humanity


I take this as a tiny hopeful sign that the entire military as a whole will not just fall in line and begin following illegal orders.

I need to believe it, not because I expect “institutions to save us” but because there have to be some individuals in power out there who are not entirely blind and corrupt - those with enough sense of self preservation to understand that this admin and its’ behavior isn’t sustainable.


That’s a good perspective. I can immediately think of worse alternative interpretations of the memo, but I think I’ll keep them to myself for now.


So can I which is why I read all three letters several times and ran them by a lawyer friend and a currently serving Army Captain. Both of them said this is pretty much unprecedented in US military history and is about as strong a statement as serving senior officers have ever made. One way or another it is very significant.


Nightmare time: The US military refuses to do something completely egregious, so he hires Dom-Daddy Vlad’s “Contractors” to do the job. I know. It’s late. I’m tired. It would be absolutely insane. Nobody could imagine the President of the United States doing this. But six months ago we didn’t believe we’d be in the middle of a plague and the Greater Depression, mass uprisings, and an unprecedented Constitutional Crisis all at once.


Why worry about the military?

Why would he do that when Betsy DeVos’ brother is right here?


It’s okay. I had the exact same thought yesterday. Though I thought it would be Eric Prince he’d call to do the dirty work… but with how deep he is acting like a Russian puppet I don’t see why his buddy Vlad wouldn’t offer him some fine people to take care of things. :face_vomiting:

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Officially, Erik Prince sold off Blackwater/Xe/Academi, and his Frontier Services Group is owned by China, but I’m sure he could make a few calls.

In a pinch, why not deputize some of those fine far right militia people?

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In the posted letter I saw no admonition for troops to execute only lawful orders. How can enlistees or lower-grade commissioned officers know what’s “lawful”? If a superior orders something, disobedience is either dereliction or mutiny. Don’t expect much.

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