Supreme Court temporarily halts court order that demands Trump turn over his tax returns

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Your minions can only do so much to delay the inevitable, Biff. Soon everyone will know that you’re not really a billionaire and that you’re deep in hock to Russian oligarchs.


The USA turning into a failed state in 3, 2…


In other words, “Give us a few days to gin up some constitutional sounding BS to block it.”

Honestly, though. They can’t decree a lower ruling invalid without a full hearing, right?


Expected. They’re going to hold action regarding any Prez until they decide whter to grant cert. Hopefully - they’ll just let the lower court ruling stand witout further review.


I just can’t see them granting cert on this, can you? I mean, the administration’s position is so outlandishly extreme that it’s difficult to imagine even this Court going along with it. so where’s the benefit to the SC in weighing in, other than if they think the President is going down and wouldn’t mind having a placeholder ruling to pretend that they were on the right side of history on this one.

Plus, I think there is a non-zero chance that the SC could rule against Trump and he refuses to recognize the ruling. At least if they can pretend it’s not their authority being stripped if Trump ignores the ruling of the Circuit court.


At this point we don’t even know if they’ll hear the case. Presumably this hold is standard operating procedure while they decide that? (And either they decide not to hear the case and let the lower court ruling stand, or they decide to hear the case and it stays halted until a decision is reached.)


I would hope not - but he does occupy the office of preznit - they may defer to that.


It takes 4 justices to put in a stay, it takes 5 to take the case. So it’s probably up to Roberts.

edit: apparently this is just a temp stay so they can decided if they want to do a longer stay.


I wonder what we are going to do if and/or when the Supremes uphold unlimited Presidential immunity and privilege.


…1, 0!

We’re already there. All three branches of our government have been compromised beyond repair for decades. All it took was 3 years of Trump/McConnell, and a whole lot of idiots at the ballot box.

The USA turning into a Fascist state in 3, 2…


Or, the converse of the SC ordering the documents to be turned over, and Trump ordering law enforcement to prevent it. Anybody who says they know what the fuck would happen in that scenario is lying.


What is that human-like thing doing with its face?

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The one good thing about Brett getting appointed for life is that he has nothing to lose if he decides to stand on legal principle rather than further and forever link himself to a President whose legacy will remain a stain on our history long after Trump is out of office.


Lets hope so.



I think that’s definitely the case with potential impeachment removal and if he loses 2020, but as I understand it, this action is concerning his accounting firm and he would have no say in complying with a final judgement. Or maybe that’s just the NY case? So many legal actions against this scumbag and his cohort it’s impossible to keep up.


You’re correct that if the Circuit court order stands and the firm is ordered to turn over the documents, Trump has no legal avenue to prevent them from being turned over. But does anyone think it’s out of the realm of possibility that he orders law enforcement to seize the documents and/or prevent them from being turned over?

I’m not saying it’s probable, but it’s a hell of a lot more possible than anyone could have dreamed a few years ago.


At what point are Trumpers going to say…“You know what? Why is he guarding them so much? Why not just show everyone how above-the-table and successful his businesses were?”…

HAHAHAHA. Just kidding. I already know the answer.


Yah I have the same qusetions! It seems obvious that the SC has no standing to interfere in a state investigation, unless they’re deciding whether to take the case, which should take about 5 seconds to decide if the SC wants to appear neutral. Maybe they feel the need to at least look like they give it careful consideration to avoid cries (tweets) of “unfair!”??

Or they do take this case and we’re heckin (more) doomed…