Trump's Interior Secretary is now blacking out nearly all details of his calendar


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Despite the fact they’ve had since Watergate to learn the lesson, corrupt GOP politicians never seem to grasp that it’s not the crime but the cover-up that will usually get them.


This administration knew this and said…hold my beer…


IMO, we can blame Gerald Ford in part for that – by letting Nixon off the hook.


Zinke’s name is a verb now.



Gets them what though? Comfortable retirement out of the spotlight as a reward for serving their corporate and super-rich masters so well? A few well paid board of director “jobs”?


That’s about it, yeah. Some crass creature comforts are about the most your average idiotic bootlicker can aspire to.

Smart, talented people actually have a shot at happiness, fulfillment, and meaningful achievement.

I dunno about you, but I’m shooting more for the latter than the former. Sounds a lot nicer.


He must be having a raging case of “executive time.”


Ah, Republicans



What is it about the current crop of agency heads that they cannot help but treat their agency as a personal fiefdom from which to extract profit?

Oh, duh…

They were all appointed by ⊥rump

I wonder if that is cause or if it is effect :thinking:


Are people ever satisfied?

I’ll bet they complain when he stops hoisting his personal Department of the Interior flag when he’s in residence.


Your tax dollars at work!


And evil, fucking, lying Oral Hatch set his DC office phone to just ring and ring. Won’t even go to voice mail. I have made numerous calls to both Mike Lee and Hatch regarding Kavanaugh’s appointment and you simply can’t get through to him. He’s afaid to hear from his constituents. He’s a god damned coward. So is god damned Stinky Zinky.


You could turn it into a game…


The British version, right?

ETA: Also, can’t Zinke be sued under the FOIA for this?


You would think, wouldn’t you? I wonder how many federal judges who might hear such a case were recently installed by McConnell & The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

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